1862 Johnson Map Of Kansas And Missouri Geographicus Kamojohnson1862

1862 Johnson Map Of Kansas And Missouri Geographicus Kamojohnson1862

Key Takeaways

  • The 1862 Johnson Map of Kansas and Missouri provides a detailed representation of the geographical features and boundaries of these states during that time.
  • It offers valuable insights into the historical development and layout of the region, showcasing towns, rivers, railroads, and other key elements.
  • Through visualizing the map, one can appreciate the advancements in cartography during the mid-19th century and understand the context for various events and settlement patterns.


The 1862 Johnson Map of Kansas and Missouri, also known as “Geographicus Kamojohnson1862,” is a significant cartographic piece from the mid-19th century. Produced by Alvin Jewett Johnson, this map captures the region’s geography during a crucial period of American history.

In 1861, the United States was going through the pains of the Civil War. Kansas and Missouri, located in the heartland, were directly affected by the conflict and became important battlegrounds. The creation of this map served as a means not only for understanding the region but also for strategic and military purposes.

The map showcases the topographical details of Kansas and Missouri, illustrating the boundaries, counties, towns, rivers, and mountains. It provides a comprehensive view for both locals and a broader audience interested in understanding the layout and distinctive physical features of the area at that time.

Unique Insights

While examining the 1862 Johnson Map of Kansas and Missouri, several unique insights can be gained:

  • The map displays numerous cities and towns that were significant during that period, offering a glimpse into the settlement patterns and the importance of trade routes.
  • One can observe the locations of various rivers, which played a vital role in transportation and water resources.
  • The map also highlights the presence of railroads, indicating their growing significance as a means of connection and transportation between cities.
  • It provides a snapshot of the political boundaries and counties of the two states, allowing for a deeper understanding of the administrative divisions during the Civil War era.
  • Through the map, one can trace the development and expansion of infrastructure in the region.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Fact Date
Missouri Compromise 1820
Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854
John Brown’s Raid 1859
Battle of Wilson’s Creek 1861
Battle of Westport 1864

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is the 1862 Johnson Map of Kansas and Missouri significant?

The map is significant as it provides a detailed representation of the region’s geography during a crucial period of American history, particularly the Civil War era.

2. What information does the map contain?

The map displays the boundaries, counties, towns, rivers, railroads, and mountains of Kansas and Missouri, offering insights into settlement patterns and transportation routes.

3. Can this map be useful for historical research?

Absolutely! The 1862 Johnson Map of Kansas and Missouri serves as an important resource for understanding the historical development of the region and can aid in exploring topics related to the Civil War, settlement, and infrastructure.

4. How accurate is the map?

Given the technology available during that time, the map provides a commendably accurate depiction of the area’s geography. However, it is essential to consider potential limitations and advancements in cartography since then.

5. Who created the map?

The map was created by Alvin Jewett Johnson, a renowned cartographer of the mid-19th century.

6. Are there any other historical events associated with Kansas and Missouri during that period?

Yes, various events such as the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854, John Brown’s Raid in 1859, and the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in 1861 played significant roles in shaping the history of these states.

7. How can I access the 1862 Johnson Map of Kansas and Missouri?

The map is available in various historical archives and libraries. Online resources and cartography collections may also provide access to digital versions or reproductions.

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