1984 United States Presidential Election Results Map By County

1984 United States Presidential Election Results Map By County

Key Takeaways

  • The 1984 United States Presidential Election Results Map by County provides a visual representation of the voting outcomes on a county-level scale.
  • This map reveals the dominant political party in each county during the 1984 US Presidential Election between Republican incumbent Ronald Reagan and Democratic nominee Walter Mondale.
  • The map allows for a quick understanding of the election’s geographical distribution and highlights the varying political landscapes across the nation.
  • By analyzing this map, one can gain insights into the voting patterns and preferences of different regions within the United States during that election cycle.


The 1984 United States Presidential Election was held on November 6, 1984. It was the 50th quadrennial presidential election. The Republican Party nominated incumbent President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H. W. Bush, while the Democratic Party nominated former Vice President Walter Mondale and his running mate Geraldine Ferraro, making her the first female vice presidential candidate of a major party.

Reagan, known for his conservative policies and strong economic focus, enjoyed significant popularity and achieved a landslide victory with 525 electoral votes. Mondale only won his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia, garnering a mere 13 electoral votes.

Unique Insights

  • The 1984 United States Presidential Election Results Map by County showcases the overwhelming support Ronald Reagan received across the nation.
  • Reagan secured victories in a majority of counties, highlighting his broad appeal and widespread popularity among American voters.
  • This election marked the culmination of Reagan’s successful presidency and his ability to maintain strong public support.
  • The map indicates the Democratic Party’s struggle to gain traction in many rural areas during the election, as they only managed to win certain urban centers.
  • By examining the voting patterns encapsulated in this map, we can observe the continuing division between urban and rural areas in terms of political ideologies.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Fact Description
Year 1984
Incumbent Ronald Reagan
Republican Nominee Ronald Reagan
Democratic Nominee Walter Mondale
Vice Presidential Candidates George H. W. Bush (Republican) and Geraldine Ferraro (Democratic)
Electoral Votes Reagan: 525, Mondale: 13
Key States Won by Reagan California, Texas, Florida, New York


1. How did Ronald Reagan perform in the 1984 Presidential Election?

Ronald Reagan performed exceptionally well in the 1984 Presidential Election, winning by a landslide. He secured 525 electoral votes, claiming victory in 49 states and garnering broad support across various regions in the United States.

2. Which states did Walter Mondale win?

Walter Mondale, the Democratic nominee, only managed to win his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia. These were the only two areas where Mondale received more electoral votes than Ronald Reagan during the election.

3. What impact did Ronald Reagan’s economic policies have on his victory?

Ronald Reagan’s economic policies, commonly referred to as Reaganomics, focused on tax cuts, deregulation, and reduced government spending. These policies gained traction among voters and contributed to Reagan’s popularity, aiding his electoral success in 1984.

4. Why did Walter Mondale struggle to gain support?

Walter Mondale faced challenges in gaining support due to Ronald Reagan’s strong incumbency advantage and the overall popularity of Reagan’s policies. Additionally, Mondale’s choice of Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate as the first female vice presidential candidate did not translate into sufficient electoral support.

5. Did the election map reveal any notable urban-rural political divisions?

Yes, the election map indicated significant urban-rural political divisions. While Reagan enjoyed widespread support in rural areas, Mondale managed to secure victories in certain urban centers, highlighting the continuing divide in political ideologies between these geographic regions.

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6. How can the 1984 election results be compared to subsequent presidential elections?

The 1984 United States Presidential Election results were decisively in favor of Ronald Reagan. Subsequent presidential elections witnessed shifts in political landscapes, making it important to analyze each election individually to understand evolving voting patterns and preferences.

7. What impact did the “Reagan Revolution” have on the election results?

The “Reagan Revolution” which encompassed Reagan’s conservative policies and vision, played a significant role in the election results. This movement attracted strong support from voters across many states, leading to Reagan’s landslide victory and continued influence on American politics.

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