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Key Takeaways

  • Amityville, NY map provides a comprehensive overview of the city’s geography, landmarks, and infrastructure.
  • It can assist residents, tourists, and researchers in navigating the area and exploring its various attractions.
  • The map is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and include any recent developments or changes in the city.


Amityville is a charming village located on Long Island, New York. This scenic area has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1600s, when European settlers arrived in the region.

The Amityville NY Map reflects the growth and evolution of the village over the centuries. It showcases important landmarks, such as the iconic Amityville Beach, historical buildings, parks, schools, and other entities that contribute to the community’s identity.

Unique Insights

The Amityville NY Map not only provides basic geographical information but also offers unique insights into the village’s character. It highlights cultural landmarks, local businesses, and recreational areas that make Amityville a fantastic place to live or visit.

The map showcases the serene Amityville Beach, a popular spot for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking. It also marks the historical sites, providing glimpses into the village’s past and architectural heritage. Furthermore, the map outlines the locations of diverse dining options, boutiques, and entertainment venues, allowing individuals to explore the vibrant local scene.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1664 European settlers arrive in the region, establishing the foundation of Amityville.
1840 The construction of the Amityville Pier is completed, marking a significant step in developing the village’s maritime industry.
1868 The opening of the Long Island Rail Road station accelerates Amityville’s growth, leading to increased accessibility and economic opportunities.
1894 The incorporation of Amityville as a village takes place, solidifying its administrative structure.
1927 The historical Amityville Village Hall is constructed, serving as a symbol of community pride.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How often is the Amityville NY Map updated?

The Amityville NY Map is regularly updated to reflect any new developments or changes in the village. It strives for accuracy and provides the most up-to-date information available.

2. Can the map be accessed online?

Yes, the Amityville NY Map is available online for easy access. It can be viewed on the official Amityville village website or through various mapping platforms.

3. Are there specific landmarks featured on the map?

Yes, the map includes various landmarks such as the Amityville Beach, Village Hall, schools, parks, and other significant sites within the village.

4. Can tourists use the map to navigate Amityville?

Absolutely! The Amityville NY Map is an excellent resource for tourists to explore the village. It provides a clear layout of the area and highlights tourist attractions, making it easier for visitors to navigate and fully experience Amityville.

5. What other services are available on the Amityville village website?

The Amityville village website offers a range of services, including information on local events, community resources, government contacts, and permits/licenses. It serves as a comprehensive platform for both residents and visitors.

6. Can the map be printed for offline use?

Yes, the Amityville NY Map can be printed for offline use. This allows individuals to carry a physical copy and explore the village without the need for internet access.

7. Is the Amityville NY Map available for purchase?

The Amityville NY Map is typically available for purchase at local map stores or tourist centers within the village. It can also be obtained from the official Amityville village office.

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