Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi

Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi

Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi

Key Takeaways

  • Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi is a map highlighting the location of Hailakandi district within Assam, India.
  • It provides important geographical information and helps in understanding the district’s relative location.
  • The map assists in navigation and locating nearby towns, cities, rivers, and other landmarks in Hailakandi.


Hailakandi is a district in the state of Assam, India. It is situated in the southernmost part of Assam and shares its borders with Mizoram and Bangladesh. The district was officially formed on 1st June 1989.

Historically, Hailakandi was predominantly inhabited by the Manipuri community, but over the years, it has become a diverse district with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Unique Insights

Here are some unique insights about Hailakandi district:

  • Hailakandi has a rich cultural heritage with influences from Manipur, Mizoram, and Bangladesh.
  • The district is known for its natural beauty, with lush green landscapes and the Barak River flowing through its heart.
  • Hailakandi is famous for its traditional handicrafts, particularly silk weaving and pottery.
  • The district has a significant Muslim population and is known for its religious diversity.
  • Hailakandi experiences a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1989 Hailakandi district was officially formed on June 1st.
2000 The district witnessed significant floods due to heavy monsoon rains.
2011 Hailakandi was affected by communal riots, leading to tension and unrest in the district.
2020 The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the district, affecting daily life and economy.


1. What is the significance of Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi?

The Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi is significant as it allows individuals to identify the precise location of Hailakandi district within Assam and understand its proximity to other regions.

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2. Can I use the map for navigation purposes?

Yes, the map provides essential geographical information and can be used for navigation to locate towns, cities, rivers, and important landmarks in Hailakandi.

3. How can I access the Assam District Locator Map Hailakandi?

The map can be accessed online through various map providers or official government websites that offer digital maps of Assam.

4. Is Hailakandi prone to natural disasters?

Hailakandi, like other regions, is prone to natural disasters, particularly floods during the monsoon season. Other natural calamities like landslides or earthquakes are relatively rare in this area.

5. What are some attractions in Hailakandi district?

Hailakandi district offers several attractions, including the beautiful Barak River, Kachakanti Temple, Badarpur Ghat, and various cultural festivals celebrated by different communities.

6. Are there any restrictions in visiting Hailakandi district?

As of now, there are no specific restrictions on visiting Hailakandi district. However, it’s always advisable to check the local guidelines and regulations before planning a trip.

7. How can I learn more about the history and culture of Hailakandi?

You can explore various books, research papers, and online resources that focus on the history, culture, and traditions of Hailakandi district. Local museums and cultural centers are also excellent places to gather more information.

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