Bihar District Location Map Madhubani

Bihar District Location Map Madhubani

Bihar District Location Map Madhubani

Key Takeaways

  • Madhubani is a district in the state of Bihar, India.
  • The map showcases the geographical location of Madhubani within Bihar.
  • It provides a visual representation of the district’s boundaries and neighboring regions.
  • The map serves as a useful tool for navigation and understanding the district’s spatial context.


Madhubani, also known as Mithila, has a rich cultural and historical background. It has been mentioned in ancient Hindu texts and is believed to be the birthplace of Sita, the legendary consort of Lord Rama. The art form of Madhubani painting, which originated in this region, is renowned worldwide.

The district of Madhubani was officially established in 1972 when it was carved out of the existing Darbhanga district. It spans an area of approximately 3,501 square kilometers and is located in the northeastern part of Bihar.

Unique Insights

Madhubani district is known for its distinctive political and social significance. It has witnessed several developmental initiatives over the years, aimed at improving infrastructure, education, and health services. The region is characterized by its vibrant rural life and a population that predominantly relies on agriculture for livelihood.

Facts about Madhubani

Year Event
1946 Madhubani district was part of Darbhanga district.
1972 Madhubani became an independent district.
1991 Mithila University, one of the oldest universities in Bihar, was established in Madhubani.
2002 Madhubani was declared a separate division under the Bihar State Administrative Act.


1. What is the population of Madhubani?

The population of Madhubani district is approximately X million.

2. How do I reach Madhubani?

Madhubani is well-connected by road and rail networks. The nearest airport is Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport in Patna, which is approximately XXX km away.

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3. What are the major attractions in Madhubani?

Madhubani is known for its vibrant artistic heritage. Some of the major attractions include:

  • Madhubani Paintings: Admire the intricate and colorful artwork created by local artisans.
  • Sita Temple: Visit the historical temple dedicated to Sita, located in Punaura Dham.
  • Ramchandra Shahi Museum: Discover a fascinating collection of artifacts and historical objects.

4. Which languages are spoken in Madhubani?

The primary language spoken in Madhubani is Maithili. Hindi and English are also widely understood and spoken.

5. Are there any famous festivals celebrated in Madhubani?

Madhubani is known for its vibrant festivals. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Madhubani Mela: A colorful fair showcasing the region’s art, culture, and traditions.
  • Chhath Puja: A significant festival dedicated to the Sun God.
  • Holi: The festival of colors celebrated with great enthusiasm.

6. What are the neighboring districts of Madhubani?

Madhubani shares its borders with the following districts:

  • Supaul
  • Saharsa
  • Darbhanga
  • Samastipur

7. Are there any wildlife sanctuaries in Madhubani?

No, Madhubani does not have any wildlife sanctuaries within its boundaries. However, it is located close to the Valmiki Tiger Reserve, which is a popular tourist destination known for its biodiversity.

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