Census Bureau Map Of Middletown New Jersey

Census Bureau Map Of Middletown New Jersey

Census Bureau Map Of Middletown New Jersey: Key Takeaways

  • The Census Bureau Map of Middletown, New Jersey provides an in-depth geographic representation of the area.
  • It displays the boundaries, features, and key locations of Middletown for various purposes, from planning to analysis.
  • The map offers valuable insights into Middletown’s demographics, neighborhoods, and geographic characteristics.
  • It serves as a useful tool for researchers, communities, and businesses interested in understanding Middletown’s spatial layout.

History of Middletown, New Jersey

Middletown, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, has a rich history dating back to the early colonial period. The area was originally inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle in the region during the 17th century. Over time, Middletown became a significant agricultural and fishing community.

During the American Revolutionary War, Middletown played a role in the military operations due to its strategic location by the Raritan Bay. The area experienced industrial growth in the 19th century, with the construction of railroads and the establishment of factories.

Unique Insights from the Census Bureau Map

Studying the Census Bureau Map of Middletown, New Jersey opens up several unique insights into the area:

  1. Middletown has a diverse population, with various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds represented in different neighborhoods.
  2. There are several parks, recreational areas, and natural reserves, showcasing the town’s commitment to preserving green spaces.
  3. The coastline along Middletown offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and numerous opportunities for water-based activities.
  4. The map also highlights the presence of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and commercial areas throughout the town.
  5. Middletown’s transportation infrastructure, including major roads and highways, facilitates easy access within the town and beyond.
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Table: Relevant Facts about Middletown, New Jersey

Event/Stat Date Description
Dutch Settlement 17th century First European settlers arrive in Middletown.
American Revolutionary War 1776-1783 Middletown plays a role in the war due to its strategic location.
Industrial Growth 19th century Railroads and factories boost the town’s economy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the purpose of the Census Bureau Map of Middletown, New Jersey?

The purpose of the Census Bureau Map of Middletown, New Jersey is to provide a detailed and accurate representation of the area’s geography, including boundaries, landmarks, and features.

2. How can researchers and businesses benefit from the map?

Researchers and businesses can utilize the map to gather valuable insights into Middletown’s demographics, neighborhood characteristics, and spatial layout. This information can aid in planning, analysis, and decision-making processes.

3. Are there any unique features highlighted on the map?

Yes, the map highlights various unique features of Middletown, including parks, recreational areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and commercial zones.

4. Can the map be accessed online?

Yes, the Census Bureau Map of Middletown, New Jersey is available for online access. It can be accessed through the official website of the Census Bureau or other reliable mapping platforms.

5. How frequently is the map updated?

The map is regularly updated to reflect any changes in Middletown’s boundaries, features, or demographic data. It is crucial to refer to the most recent version for accurate information.

6. Can the map be used for navigation purposes?

While the Census Bureau Map of Middletown, New Jersey provides valuable geographic information, it may not be the most reliable tool for navigation. It is recommended to use dedicated navigation systems or applications for precise directions.

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7. Are there any map alternatives specific to Middletown?

Yes, apart from the Census Bureau Map, there are other local and regional maps of Middletown, New Jersey available, including tourist maps, zoning maps, and historical maps that focus on specific aspects of the town.

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