Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja Route Map

Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja Route Map

Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja Route Map

Key Takeaways

  • Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja is a famous festival celebrated in Chandannagar, West Bengal, India
  • The festival is dedicated to Goddess Jagadhatri, a manifestation of Goddess Durga
  • The Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja Route Map helps visitors navigate through the various puja mandaps and processions
  • This map is essential for locals and tourists who want to experience the grandeur of the festival


The Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. It was started by the employees of the French East India Company, who were mesmerized by the grandeur of the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata. Inspired by this, they decided to establish their own puja in Chandannagar.

Originally, the puja was dedicated to Goddess Durga. However, in the 19th century, it was transformed into a Jagadhatri Puja to pay homage to Goddess Jagadhatri, another form of Durga who is believed to be the protector of the world.

Unique Insights

The Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja Route Map is designed to guide visitors through the various puja mandaps and processions during the festival. It provides valuable insights into the cultural and artistic aspects of the celebrations. Here are some unique insights:

  • The puja mandaps are adorned with elaborate decorations, including intricately crafted idols of Goddess Jagadhatri
  • The map highlights the major attractions, such as the famous Chandannagar Strand, where the immersion procession takes place
  • Visitors can experience the traditional music and dance performances organized during the festival
  • The map also indicates the locations of food stalls, which offer a wide range of delicious Bengali delicacies
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Table of Facts

Year Significant Event
1810 The first Jagadhatri Puja takes place in Chandannagar
1880 The puja is transformed from Durga Puja to Jagadhatri Puja
1954 Chandannagar becomes a part of the Indian state of West Bengal
2018 The puja attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of India and abroad


1. When is the Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja celebrated?

The Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja is usually celebrated during the month of November, continuing for a few days.

2. Where can I find the puja mandaps mentioned in the route map?

The puja mandaps mentioned in the route map are spread across different locations in Chandannagar. The map provides detailed directions so that visitors can easily locate them.

3. Can I participate in the puja celebrations?

Yes, the puja celebrations are open to everyone. Visitors are welcome to join the processions and witness the rituals. However, it is advisable to follow the customs and traditions of the festival.

4. Is photography allowed during the puja?

Photography is generally allowed, but it may vary from one puja mandap to another. It is recommended to seek permission before taking photographs to respect the privacy and sanctity of the puja.

5. Are there any cultural events organized during the festival?

Yes, several cultural events, including music and dance performances, are organized during the festival. The map provides information about these events and their respective venues.

6. How long does the immersion procession last?

The immersion procession, which takes place on the last day of the puja, can last for several hours. It is a vibrant and lively event that attracts a massive crowd.

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7. What are the must-try food items during the puja?

During the Chandanagar Jagadhatri Puja, you must try delicious Bengali delicacies like rosogolla, sandesh, mishti doi, mughlai paratha, and various traditional sweets and snacks available at the food stalls near the puja mandaps.

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