Country Calling Codes Map

Country Calling Codes Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Country Calling Codes Map is a crucial tool for international telecommunications and travel purposes.
  • With this map, you can quickly find the calling code for any country in the world.
  • Understanding country calling codes helps facilitate global communication and ensures efficient connectivity.


The Country Calling Codes Map has evolved over the years to accommodate the increasing need for global communication. The map serves as a reliable reference for identifying the specific calling code assigned to each country.

In the early 1960s, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations, established the International Dialing Plan. This plan standardized the structure of country calling codes and ensured that each country was assigned a unique code.

Initially, a country calling code consisted of three digits. However, with the expansion of telecommunication networks and the rise of mobile phones, some countries required additional codes. Consequently, the ITU introduced the concept of “country codes” plus “mobile codes” to make the system more flexible.

Today, the Country Calling Codes Map reflects these advancements and provides up-to-date information on country calling codes, including both landline and mobile phone codes.

Unique Insights

1. Country Codes Structure: Country calling codes typically range from one to three digits. Smaller countries may have single-digit country codes, while larger nations tend to have longer codes. These codes are essential for establishing international calls.

2. Mobile Codes: Many countries have separate mobile codes to distinguish between fixed-line and mobile phone numbers. These codes are dialed after the country calling code and help direct calls to the correct service provider.

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3. Exceptional Cases: Some countries have unique calling code arrangements. For example, the United States, Canada, and several Caribbean countries share the same country calling code (+1), but they have different area codes for specific regions within their territories.

4. Country Code Prefixes: Certain regions use specific prefixes to indicate different purposes, such as satellite communications or non-geographical services. These prefixes work in conjunction with the country calling codes to ensure accurate call routing.

Table of Relevant Facts

Country Country Calling Code Mobile Code
United States +1 None
United Kingdom +44 +44
Australia +61 +61
China +86 +86


1. Why are country calling codes necessary?

Country calling codes are necessary to establish international communication and correctly route calls to specific countries and regions. They help in identifying the appropriate destination for phone calls.

2. Where can I find country calling codes?

The Country Calling Codes Map provides a comprehensive reference for all country calling codes. It can be accessed online or through various apps and telecommunications websites.

3. What is the difference between landline and mobile codes?

Landline codes are used for traditional telephony systems, while mobile codes are used for mobile phone networks. Mobile codes help identify the specific service provider within a country.

4. Are country calling codes subject to change?

Yes, country calling codes can change over time. It is important to stay updated with the latest information to ensure accurate dialing and communication.

5. Can I make international calls without country calling codes?

No, country calling codes are essential for making international calls. Without the correct country calling code, it is unlikely that your call will reach the desired destination.

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6. How do I dial an international call?

To dial an international call, you need to start with the exit code of your country, followed by the country calling code of the destination country, the area or mobile code (if applicable), and finally, the phone number you wish to call.

7. How can I find the country calling code for a specific country?

You can find the country calling code for a specific country by referring to the Country Calling Codes Map, performing an online search, or consulting with your telecommunications service provider.

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