Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3

Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3

Key Takeaways

  • The Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3 showcases the geographical features and important landmarks of the area.
  • This map is valuable for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and researchers interested in the Dyatlov Pass incident.
  • It provides a visual representation of the terrain, elevation, and nearby trails, aiding navigation and exploration.


The Dyatlov Pass, located in the Ural Mountains of Russia, gained infamy due to the mysterious incident that occurred in 1959. Nine experienced hikers ventured into the area and tragically lost their lives under unexplained circumstances.

The Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3 was created to investigate the incident and help identify possible factors that led to the hikers’ demise. It is a comprehensive representation of the region, including the route the hikers took, surrounding mountains, rivers, and key points of interest.

Unique Insights

1. Topographical Details: The map highlights the rugged terrain, providing information on elevation changes, ridge lines, and valleys.

2. Hiker’s Route: It shows the exact path taken by the hikers, marking their campsites, critical moments, and potential points of interest.

3. Locating the Incident Site: The map pinpoints the location where the hikers’ tent was found, initiating the investigation into their mysterious deaths.

4. Surrounding Landmarks: The map identifies nearby features such as Mount Otorten, Kholat Syakhl, and the Auspiya River, allowing for a better understanding of the hikers’ environment.

5. Additional Trails: Apart from the hikers’ path, the map provides information on alternative trails, enabling exploration beyond the incident site.

Table: Relevant Facts

Date Event
January 27, 1959 Hikers set up their tent.
January 28, 1959 Tent found abandoned; hikers unaccounted for.
February 26, 1959 Rescue team discovers the first group of hikers’ frozen bodies.
May 4, 1959 Last of the hikers’ bodies found in a ravine.
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1. What is the importance of the Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3?

The map is crucial for providing a detailed understanding of the area where the tragic incident took place. It assists in recreating the hikers’ journey and aids further investigation.

2. Can the map be used for planning expeditions in the region?

Absolutely! The map is a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers interested in exploring the Dyatlov Pass. It provides essential information on trails, landmarks, and topographical features.

3. Are there any other related maps available?

Yes, there are several maps available that focus on different aspects of the Dyatlov Pass incident, such as the search and rescue efforts or the post-incident investigation. The Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3 offers a comprehensive overview.

4. Are there any safety precautions to consider while visiting the Dyatlov Pass?

Yes, it is crucial to prepare adequately before visiting the Dyatlov Pass due to its challenging terrain and often harsh weather conditions. Always check local guidelines, inform others about your plans, and carry appropriate equipment.

5. Can the map be accessed digitally?

Yes, the digital version of the Draft Map Of Dyatlov Pass 3 is available online, allowing users to zoom in and study various details of the area before visiting.

6. Is the Dyatlov Pass incident still being investigated?

While the official investigation into the incident concluded with inconclusive results, there are ongoing efforts by researchers and enthusiasts to uncover the truth behind the hikers’ deaths. The map can aid in these investigative endeavors.

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7. Can the map be purchased or downloaded for personal use?

Yes, the map can be purchased from authorized sellers or downloaded from reputable websites. Make sure to obtain it from official sources to ensure accuracy.

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