East Timor Map Mhn

East Timor Map Mhn

East Timor Map Mhn

Key Takeaways

  • East Timor is located in Southeast Asia.
  • The map of East Timor shows its geographical features and political boundaries.
  • Important landmarks and cities are indicated on the map.
  • The map is a useful tool for understanding the region’s geography and studying its history.
  • Exploring the map can provide insights into various aspects of East Timor’s culture and natural resources.


East Timor, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, is a small island nation located in Southeast Asia. The history of East Timor is marked by various influences from neighboring countries and colonial powers.

Portugal colonized the region in the 16th century, and East Timor was a Portuguese colony for over 400 years. During World War II, the Japanese occupied East Timor, leading to significant disruption and suffering for the local population.

After World War II, East Timor was returned to Portuguese control. However, the desire for independence grew among the Timorese people, leading to the establishment of the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Fretilin) in the early 1970s.

In 1975, East Timor declared its independence from Portugal, but its freedom was short-lived. Indonesia invaded the territory later that year, resulting in a violent occupation that lasted for more than two decades.

In 1999, East Timor held a referendum for independence, which was overwhelmingly supported by the Timorese people. This marked the end of Indonesian rule, and East Timor became a newly independent nation.

Today, East Timor continues to rebuild and develop as a sovereign state. The map of East Timor showcases its borders, major cities, and natural features, providing valuable geographical information.

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Unique Insights

  • The East Timor Map Mhn highlights the country’s mountainous terrain, with the Ramelau Mountain Range being the highest point.
  • The map also showcases the diverse coastal areas, displaying the numerous beaches and fishing villages that are scattered along the shoreline.
  • East Timor’s capital city, Dili, is prominently displayed on the map, revealing its coastal location and strategic importance.
  • The map offers insights into the country’s resources, such as its rich biodiversity, including various flora and fauna unique to the region.
  • Additionally, the map illustrates the deep-sea trenches surrounding East Timor, contributing to its geological significance.

Table: Relevant Facts

Year Event
16th century Portugal colonizes East Timor
World War II Japanese occupation of East Timor
1975 East Timor declares independence, followed by Indonesian invasion
1999 East Timor holds referendum and gains independence


1. What are the main geographical features of East Timor?

East Timor is characterized by its mountainous terrain and diverse coastal areas. The Ramelau Mountain Range is the highest point in the country, while the coastline boasts various beaches and fishing villages.

2. Which city is the capital of East Timor?

The capital city of East Timor is Dili. It is located on the northern coast and serves as an important economic and administrative center for the country.

3. What is the significance of the East Timor Map Mhn?

The East Timor Map Mhn provides a visual representation of East Timor’s geography, political boundaries, and landmarks. It is useful for educational purposes, research, and planning activities related to the region.

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4. How did East Timor gain independence?

East Timor gained independence through a referendum held in 1999. The Timorese people voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence, marking the end of Indonesian rule.

5. What can be explored through the map of East Timor?

The map of East Timor allows exploration of various aspects, including the country’s natural resources, cultural heritage, population centers, and topographical features.

6. Are there any notable landmarks depicted on the map?

Yes, the map showcases notable landmarks such as historical sites, government buildings, and natural wonders like the Ramelau Mountain Range.

7. Is the East Timor Map Mhn available in different formats?

Yes, the East Timor Map Mhn is available in both digital and printed formats. It can be accessed online or obtained through cartography and geography-related publications.

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