Elk Grove Village Il 2009 Reference Map

Elk Grove Village Il 2009 Reference Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Elk Grove Village IL 2009 Reference Map provides a detailed representation of the city of Elk Grove Village in 2009.
  • This map can be used for various purposes, such as exploring the city’s geography, planning routes, and understanding the distribution of resources within the city.
  • Elk Grove Village IL is a vibrant and growing community located in Illinois, known for its industrial parks and transportation infrastructure.
  • The 2009 reference map includes important landmarks, streets, and boundaries that were relevant to the city at that time.


The Elk Grove Village IL 2009 Reference Map reflects the city’s status and geography during 2009. Elk Grove Village is a municipality situated in Cook and DuPage counties in Illinois, United States.

Established in 1956, Elk Grove Village quickly became known for its industrial parks and efficient transportation infrastructure, which contributed to its economic growth. The city played a significant role in advancing the development of the nearby O’Hare International Airport.

By 2009, Elk Grove Village had firmly established itself as a major commercial and industrial hub with a diverse range of businesses. The reference map provides a snapshot of this period in the city’s history, showcasing the layout, structures, and resources that existed at that time.

Unique Insights

  • Elk Grove Village IL 2009 Reference Map highlights the city’s extensive transportation network, including major highways, local roads, and railway infrastructure.
  • The map showcases the city’s industrial parks, where businesses of various sizes and sectors operated, contributing to the local economy and job market.
  • It provides a visual representation of open spaces, parks, and recreational areas within the city, emphasizing the importance of green spaces in Elk Grove Village.
  • The map also reveals the distribution and location of essential facilities such as schools, healthcare centers, and government buildings.
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Table of Relevant Facts (2009)

Fact Details
Population Approximately 33,200 residents
Area Approximately 11.4 square miles
Major Highways I-90, I-290, Route 53
Industrial Parks Busse Industrial Park, Landmeier Industrial Park, Tonne Industrial Park
Recreational Areas Elk Grove Park, Busse Woods, Ned Brown Preserve


1. What is the purpose of the Elk Grove Village IL 2009 Reference Map?

The purpose of the map is to provide a visual representation of Elk Grove Village in 2009, showcasing its geography, landmarks, and important infrastructure for various purposes, such as navigation, planning, and historical reference.

2. How can I use the map?

You can use the map to understand the layout of the city, plan routes, explore landmarks, locate industrial parks, and identify key areas of interest within Elk Grove Village.

3. Are there any notable landmarks on the map?

Yes, the map includes notable landmarks such as Elk Grove Park, Busse Woods, and the O’Hare International Airport, which played a significant role in the city’s development.

4. Did the city experience significant growth during that period?

Yes, Elk Grove Village experienced significant growth during that period, with a thriving industrial sector and an expanding population.

5. How can I obtain a physical copy of the Elk Grove Village IL 2009 Reference Map?

You can check with local libraries, historical societies, or map retailers in Elk Grove Village for physical copies of the map.

6. Are there any online resources where I can access the map?

Unfortunately, access to the map online depends on the availability of digitized versions. You can try contacting local authorities or cartographic organizations that might have it in their archives.

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7. How does the current Elk Grove Village differ from the 2009 map?

The map provides a snapshot of Elk Grove Village in 2009, but the city has continued to evolve since then. Infrastructure developments, changes in businesses, and population growth may have altered the current landscape.

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