Flag Map Of Ibiza

Flag Map Of Ibiza

Flag Map Of Ibiza

Key Takeaways

  • Ibiza’s flag map showcases the unique identity of the island.
  • The map’s design combines the flag and geographical elements of Ibiza.
  • It serves as a visual representation of Ibiza’s cultural and natural beauty.


Ibiza is an island located in the Balearic Sea, part of the autonomous community of Spain. The flag map of Ibiza has a rich history that dates back to ancient times.

Throughout the centuries, Ibiza has been under the influence of various civilizations, including Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors. Each of these cultures has left its mark on the island’s cultural heritage.

The design of the flag map took shape in the modern era when Ibiza gained popularity as a tourist destination. The flag map was created to represent the island’s vibrant atmosphere and its significance as a global party hub.

Unique Insights

Here are a few unique insights into the flag map of Ibiza:

  • The flag map combines the flag of Ibiza with its geographical features, creating a distinct visual representation.
  • The flag of Ibiza features a centered saltire cross on a field of blue and white.
  • The map includes key landmarks, such as Ibiza Town, San Antonio, and numerous beautiful beaches that attract tourists.
  • It also highlights the island’s topographic characteristics, including its hills and coastline.

Table of Relevant Facts

Time Period Significant Event
Ancient times Ibiza inhabited by Phoenicians.
200 BC Ibiza falls under Carthaginian rule.
123 BC Romans conquer Ibiza.
8th century Moorish conquest of the island.
13th century Christian reconquest of Ibiza.
1960s Ibiza becomes a popular tourist destination.
Modern era Creation of the flag map of Ibiza.
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  1. What does the flag of Ibiza represent?

    The flag of Ibiza represents the island’s unique cultural heritage and its popularity as a global party destination.

  2. Why was the flag map of Ibiza created?

    The flag map of Ibiza was created to visually represent the island’s vibrant atmosphere and highlight its topographic features.

  3. What are some famous landmarks on the flag map of Ibiza?

    Some famous landmarks on the flag map of Ibiza include Ibiza Town, San Antonio, and the various picturesque beaches.

  4. How can I visit Ibiza?

    Ibiza is accessible by air and sea. There are regular flights and ferry services connecting the island with the mainland.

  5. What is the significance of the saltire cross on the flag?

    The saltire cross represents the Christian heritage of Ibiza after the Christian reconquest of the island in the 13th century.

  6. Is the flag map of Ibiza copyrighted?

    The flag map of Ibiza may be subject to copyright restrictions. It is advisable to check the usage rights before using it for commercial purposes.

  7. Can I find the flag map of Ibiza online?

    Yes, the flag map of Ibiza can be found on various websites and online image repositories. Ensure to use reputable sources for accurate representations.

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