Flag Map Of The World 1935

Flag Map Of The World 1935

Flag Map Of The World 1935 – A Unique Cartographic Masterpiece

Key Takeaways

  • The Flag Map of the World 1935 is a renowned cartographic creation that visually displays the national flags of various countries.
  • It offers unique insights into the geopolitical landscape of 1935 and showcases the evolution of national symbols.
  • The map’s vibrant and detailed illustrations provide valuable historical and cultural information.


The Flag Map of the World 1935 is a captivating map created during the mid-20th century. As the name suggests, it showcases the national flags of countries that existed in 1935. This exquisite cartographic masterpiece serves as an essential historical artifact, reflecting the geopolitical state of the world during that time.

Unique Insights

Examining the Flag Map of the World 1935 provides several unique insights into the global landscape of that era. Some key insights include:

  1. The size and placement of flags on the map highlight the dominance and relative importance of certain nations.
  2. The presence or absence of flags in specific regions reflects historical events such as colonization, independence movements, and political changes.
  3. The evolution of flag designs and symbols can be observed, offering a glimpse into the history and culture of different nations.

Table of Relevant Facts – 1935

Event Date
Italian invasion of Ethiopia October 3, 1935
The Dust Bowl begins in the United States 1935
Parker Brothers releases the board game Monopoly February 6, 1935
The first successful use of a parking meter occurs in Oklahoma City July 16, 1935

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What makes the Flag Map of the World 1935 unique?

    The map’s uniqueness lies in its portrayal of national flags, providing a visual representation of the world’s geopolitical landscape during 1935.

  2. What information does the Flag Map of the World 1935 convey?

    The map conveys information on which nations existed in 1935, their flags, and their relative prominence on the global stage.

  3. Can the Flag Map of the World 1935 be used for educational purposes?

    Absolutely! The map serves as a valuable educational tool, offering insights into history, geography, and cultural symbolism.

  4. Are there any limitations to the accuracy of the Flag Map of the World 1935?

    While the map is an accurate representation of the flags in 1935, geopolitical changes since then may render some information outdated.

  5. Does the Flag Map of the World 1935 include dependent territories?

    Yes, dependent territories affiliated with various countries during 1935 are represented on the map.

  6. How can the Flag Map of the World 1935 be accessed?

    Many physical or digital copies of the map exist, and it can often be found in museums, libraries, or online resources specializing in historical maps.

  7. Is the Flag Map of the World 1935 available in high resolution?

    Some versions of the map offer high-resolution images that allow for detailed exploration of the flags and their intricate designs.

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