Flag Map Of Tokyo Prefecture

Flag Map Of Tokyo Prefecture

Flag Map Of Tokyo Prefecture

Key Takeaways

  • Tokyo Prefecture, located in the Kanto region of Japan, is represented by a unique and captivating flag map.
  • The flag map of Tokyo Prefecture combines the design elements of a traditional flag with a detailed and accurate geographical representation of the area.
  • This innovative approach highlights the rich cultural heritage and urban development of Tokyo Prefecture.


The flag map of Tokyo Prefecture was officially adopted in 1964 during the Tokyo Olympics. It was designed to showcase the modernity and vibrancy of the city while symbolizing its traditional roots.

The flag map consists of a white background with a bold red circle representing the Sun placed at the center. Surrounding the red circle is a more detailed map of Tokyo Prefecture, including major landmarks, rivers, and other geographical features.

By incorporating the flag design with an accurate map, the Tokyo Prefecture flag map represents the fusion of historical heritage and a progressive outlook for the future.

Unique Insights

  • The flag map of Tokyo Prefecture is a groundbreaking example of combining cartography and graphic design.
  • The map accurately represents the geographical features of Tokyo Prefecture, including its river systems, mountains, and major urban areas.
  • The red circle at the center symbolizes the sun, which holds great cultural significance in Japan.
  • The flag map’s design allows easy identification of major landmarks and helps visitors navigate the prefecture efficiently.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1964 Tokyo Prefecture flag map is officially adopted during the Tokyo Olympics.
1968 The flag map design wins the prestigious International Cartographic Exhibition award in Germany.
2003 Tokyo Prefecture flag map is updated to reflect the growth and changes in the urban landscape.
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  1. What is the significance of the red circle?

    The red circle represents the sun and symbolizes energy, vitality, and the spirit of the Japanese people.

  2. How accurate is the geographical representation on the flag map?

    The flag map of Tokyo Prefecture provides an accurate representation of the geography, including major landmarks, rivers, and mountains.

  3. Are there any hidden symbols or meanings in the flag map design?

    No, the flag map design aims to represent Tokyo Prefecture’s geography and cultural heritage transparently, without any hidden symbols.

  4. Has the flag map design changed over the years?

    Since its adoption in 1964, the flag map design has undergone minor updates to reflect Tokyo Prefecture’s changing urban landscape.

  5. Can the flag map be used for navigation purposes?

    While the flag map provides an overview of the geography, it is recommended to use more detailed maps or navigation systems for precise directions.

  6. Can I purchase merchandise featuring the flag map design?

    Yes, the flag map of Tokyo Prefecture is popular, and you can find various merchandise items featuring the design in local stores and online shops.

  7. Is the flag map copyrighted?

    Yes, the flag map of Tokyo Prefecture is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use or reproduction is not permitted.

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