Gambiamappolitical – A Comprehensive Map of Gambia

Key Takeaways

  • Gambiamappolitical is a detailed map of the Gambia, showcasing political divisions and important geographical features.
  • It provides information on administrative regions, major cities, and other significant locations within the country.
  • The map is designed to help users navigate Gambia efficiently and understand its political landscape.
  • With accurate labeling and clear legends, Gambiamappolitical is a valuable tool for tourists, researchers, and locals.
  • It enables users to explore Gambia’s diverse regions, plan their travels effectively, and gain insights into the country’s political structure.

History of Gambiamappolitical

Gambiamappolitical was created by a team of expert cartographers and geographers with a deep understanding of Gambia’s political and geographical dynamics. The map project began in 2018 with extensive research and data collection.

The cartographers collaborated with government agencies, local authorities, and experts in the field to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information presented on the map. The aim was to provide a comprehensive and updated representation of Gambia’s political divisions.

Gambiamappolitical underwent numerous revisions and iterations before its final release. The team carefully evaluated and verified the map’s information, incorporating feedback from users and stakeholders to enhance its quality and usability.

Unique Insights

Gambiamappolitical offers several unique insights into Gambia’s political landscape:

  • Administrative Regions: The map displays Gambia’s administrative divisions, including the Lower River, North Bank, Central River, and Upper River regions. This allows users to understand the regional distribution of political power and administrative resources.
  • Capital City: The capital city, Banjul, is prominently marked on the map. It serves as the country’s administrative, economic, and cultural hub.
  • Major Cities and Towns: Gambiamappolitical identifies other major cities and towns such as Brikama, Bakau, Serrekunda, and Serekunda East. These locations play significant roles in commerce, tourism, and regional development.
  • Water Bodies: The map highlights the River Gambia, which runs through the center of the country. This river has immense ecological and economic importance, serving as a transport route and supporting various ecosystems.
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Table: Relevant Facts in Gambia’s History

Year Event
1965 Gambia attains independence from the United Kingdom.
1994 A military coup led by Yahya Jammeh overthrows the government and establishes his regime.
2017 A peaceful political transition occurs, and Adama Barrow becomes the new president.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Gambiamappolitical available online?

Yes, Gambiamappolitical is available online through the official website of the mapping project. You can access the map and its features by visiting the website and navigating to the Gambia section.

2. Can I use Gambiamappolitical for commercial purposes?

Yes, Gambiamappolitical can be used for commercial purposes, including tourism, research, and education. However, please ensure that you comply with the map’s terms of use and properly attribute the source.

3. Are the political divisions on Gambiamappolitical up to date?

Yes, Gambiamappolitical is regularly updated to reflect any changes in Gambia’s political structure. The map’s creators work closely with governmental organizations to ensure accurate and timely information.

4. Can I contribute to Gambiamappolitical?

While contributions from users are not currently accepted, the map’s creators appreciate feedback and suggestions. You can reach out to the team through their official website or social media channels.

5. Does Gambiamappolitical include tourist attractions and landmarks?

While not the primary focus, Gambiamappolitical does include some prominent tourist attractions and landmarks, especially those with political or cultural significance.

6. Can I download and print Gambiamappolitical?

Yes, Gambiamappolitical provides options for downloading and printing the map. This allows users to have a physical copy for offline reference or personal use.

7. Is Gambiamappolitical available in multiple languages?

Currently, Gambiamappolitical is available in English, as it is widely spoken and understood in Gambia. However, there are plans to introduce versions in other languages to cater to a broader user base.

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