Game Of Thrones World Map And Cities

Game Of Thrones World Map And Cities

Key Takeaways

  • Game of Thrones has a richly detailed world map with various cities and regions.
  • The map serves as a visual representation of the fictional world created by George R.R. Martin.
  • Exploring the map can enhance your understanding of the vast and complex Game of Thrones universe.
  • The cities depicted on the map play significant roles in the series, each with its own unique characteristics.
  • Understanding the geography of the world can help in following the characters’ journeys and conflicts.


The Game of Thrones world map showcases the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, which are the primary
settings for the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by George R.R. Martin. The map is further
brought to life in the television series adaptation, “Game of Thrones”.

Westeros is portrayed as a vast continent in the western hemisphere, while Essos lies to the east. The Seven
Kingdoms of Westeros is where most of the story takes place, and it consists of various regions such as the North,
the Iron Islands, the Riverlands, the Vale, the Westerlands, the Stormlands, the Reach, and Dorne.

Essos, on the other hand, is a large landmass situated across the Narrow Sea. It is home to several cities and
regions, including the Free Cities, Slaver’s Bay, Qarth, and the Dothraki Sea.

Unique Insights

  • The map is meticulously crafted, providing a stunning visualization of the Game of Thrones universe.
  • It showcases the sheer size of the world and highlights the various political entities and power dynamics.
  • Each city on the map has its own distinct culture, history, and significance within the narrative.
  • By examining the map, fans can trace the journeys of the main characters and understand the geographical
    obstacles they face.
  • The map also reveals the distribution of resources and trade routes, shaping the economic landscape of the
  • The map evolves with the story, reflecting the impact of wars, conquests, and shifting alliances.
  • Exploring the map fosters a deeper appreciation of the world-building efforts by George R.R. Martin.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Event Location Date
The War of the Five Kings Westeros 298 AC
Dany’s Conquest of Essos Essos 299 AC
The Red Wedding The Twins 299 AC
The Battle of Blackwater Blackwater Bay 299 AC
The Battle of Winterfell Winterfell 302 AC


1. Is the Game of Thrones world map available in printed form?
Yes, the official Game of Thrones map is available for purchase. It offers a detailed look at the fictional
world depicted in the series.
2. How accurate is the map in relation to the TV series?
The map provided aligns with the geography presented in the television series. However, some minor
discrepancies may exist due to artistic interpretation.
3. Are there any hidden locations or Easter eggs on the map?
Yes, the map contains several hidden locations and Easter eggs that keen-eyed fans have discovered and
discussed extensively online.
4. Are there any unrevealed places on the map?
While the map is comprehensive, it is possible that yet-to-be-revealed locations may exist, as the series is
not fully concluded.
5. Can the map serve as a tool for understanding character relationships?
Absolutely. The map showcases the proximity between cities and regions, helping to visualize the connections
and relationships between characters.
6. Are there any interactive versions of the map available online?
Yes, there are numerous interactive versions of the Game of Thrones map available online, enabling users to
explore and zoom in on specific locations.
7. How can the map be used to enhance the reading experience?
Referencing the map while reading the books can aid in better understanding the characters’ movements and
the scale of the world they inhabit.
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