Gujarat Road Network Map India

Gujarat Road Network Map India

Gujarat Road Network Map India – Key Takeaways

  • Gujarat Road Network Map India provides a detailed overview of the road infrastructure in the state of Gujarat, India.
  • The map showcases the extensive network of roads connecting various cities, towns, and villages within Gujarat.
  • It is an essential tool for travelers, tourists, and transportation planners to navigate their way in Gujarat.
  • Gujarat Road Network Map India is designed to be user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing.
  • With the help of this map, users can easily identify major highways, state highways, and other road routes.


The development of Gujarat’s road network can be traced back to ancient times. The state has a rich historical background, and its road infrastructure has evolved significantly over the years.

In the past, trade and commerce played a vital role in shaping the roads of Gujarat. The state served as a major trade route between India and other countries such as Persia, Arabia, and East Africa. This resulted in the establishment of a well-connected road network.

During the British era, Gujarat witnessed further improvements in its roads as the colonial rulers aimed to facilitate administrative control, trade, and movement of goods. Many roads were constructed, connecting major cities, ports, and industrial areas.

Since independence, the Government of Gujarat has taken several initiatives to modernize and expand the road infrastructure. The state has seen the construction of expressways, four-lane highways, and the improvement of existing roads to meet the growing transportation needs.

Unique Insights

Here are some unique insights about the Gujarat Road Network Map India:

  • Gujarat has one of the best road networks in India, connecting multiple cities and towns efficiently.
  • Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, serves as a major road transportation hub with well-connected routes to various destinations within and outside the state.
  • The state has an extensive network of national highways passing through it, including NH-8, NH-48, and NH-27.
  • Gujarat’s road infrastructure supports the transportation of goods and is vital for the state’s industrial growth.
  • The map provides information about toll plazas, rest areas, and other essential facilities along the road routes.
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Gujarat Road Network Map India – Facts

Year Fact
1972 The construction of National Highway 8 (NH-8), connecting Delhi and Mumbai, was completed, benefiting Gujarat’s road network.
2003 The inauguration of the four-lane Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway significantly improved connectivity between two major cities in Gujarat.
2012 Gujarat witnessed the inauguration of the iconic Sabarmati Riverfront Road, providing a scenic route along the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad.
2015 The completion of the Dandi Heritage Route, which follows the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi’s historic Dandi Salt March, added to the cultural significance of Gujarat’s road network.

FAQs about Gujarat Road Network Map India

1. How can I access the Gujarat Road Network Map India?

You can access the Gujarat Road Network Map India online through various government websites, navigation apps, and travel portals. It is also available in physical form at information centers, tourist offices, and bookstores.

2. Are all the roads in Gujarat displayed on the map?

The Gujarat Road Network Map India aims to provide a comprehensive overview, but it may not display every single road in the state. It primarily highlights major highways, state highways, and important road routes.

3. Can I find the distance between two cities using the map?

Yes, the Gujarat Road Network Map India includes a scale that allows you to estimate distances between different locations within Gujarat.

4. Are there any planned future road projects in Gujarat?

Yes, the Government of Gujarat has several ongoing and proposed road projects for further improving the state’s road network. These projects include the construction of new bypasses, flyovers, and the expansion of existing highways.

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5. Is the Gujarat Road Network Map India updated regularly?

Efforts are made to keep the Gujarat Road Network Map India up to date. However, due to the continuous growth and development of infrastructure, it is advisable to cross-check the information with reliable sources or contact local authorities for the most recent updates.

6. Can I use the map for navigation purposes?

While the Gujarat Road Network Map India can be used for general navigation, it is advisable to utilize dedicated navigation devices or apps that provide real-time traffic updates for more accurate guidance.

7. Are there any alternative modes of transportation available in Gujarat?

Apart from road transportation, Gujarat also has a well-developed railway network, domestic and international airports, and port facilities for water transportation.

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