I55 Il Map

I55 Il Map

I55 IL Map – An Expert Cartographer’s Guide

Key Takeaways

  • The I55 IL Map offers a detailed representation of the highway I-55 in Illinois.
  • It serves as a valuable resource for travelers, commuters, and locals navigating the area.
  • The map showcases essential landmarks, interchanges, and other critical points of interest along the route.
  • Through its accurate depiction, it allows users to plan their travels effectively and make informed decisions.
  • The I55 IL Map is continuously updated to reflect any changes in the road network.


The I55 IL Map has a rich history, closely intertwined with the development and evolution of the Illinois State
Highway System. It originated in the mid-20th century as part of a nationwide effort to connect major cities and
improve transportation infrastructure.

Construction of Interstate 55 in Illinois began in the late 1950s, aimed at creating a modern highway that would
link Chicago with St. Louis, Missouri. As part of this project, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) took
initiatives to produce accurate maps detailing the newly constructed interstate and its surrounding areas.

Over the years, the I55 IL Map has undergone several revisions and updates, aligning with continuous road network
improvements. Today, it stands as a comprehensive and valuable tool for anyone traveling on Interstate 55 within

Unique Insights

Exploring the I55 IL Map reveals some unique insights into the diverse landscapes, attractions, and opportunities
present along this iconic highway. Here are some notable features:

  • The I55 IL Map showcases the remarkable stretch from Downtown Chicago to Springfield, the state capital,
    passing through various fascinating cities, towns, and rural areas.
  • It highlights iconic landmarks such as the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
    and Museum in Springfield, the Chain of Rocks Bridge in Madison County, and more.
  • The map also provides information about essential interchanges, rest areas, services, and nearby highways,
    facilitating efficient travel planning and smooth navigation.
  • Nature enthusiasts can find details about numerous parks, forests, and recreational areas that dot the
    landscape adjoining Interstate 55.
  • Users can gain insights into the diverse cultural heritage of Illinois by exploring points of interest such as
    museums, historical sites, and local attractions.
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Relevant Facts

Date Event
1956 Construction of Interstate 55 commences in Illinois.
1979 The Stevenson Expressway (I-55) is designated as the official name for the section of the interstate
passing through Cook County, Illinois.
1991 The section of Interstate 55 between Springfield and St. Louis is officially named the “Barack Obama
Expressway” in honor of the future-president’s work in the Illinois Senate.
2009 The Arizona Department of Transportation installs an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) along a
stretch of I-55 in Arizona, improving traffic flow and enhancing traveler safety.
Present The I55 IL Map continues to undergo regular updates to incorporate any changes to the road network,
ensuring its reliability for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I access the I55 IL Map?

The I55 IL Map is readily accessible both offline and online. It is available in printed formats at various travel
centers, rest areas, and map retailers, while digital versions can be accessed through official road authority
websites and navigation apps.

2. Is the I55 IL Map suitable for truckers?

Yes, the I55 IL Map caters to the needs of truckers by highlighting essential information including truck stops,
weigh stations, rest areas with facilities for commercial vehicles, and any specific trucking regulations.

3. Can I rely solely on the I55 IL Map for navigation?

While the I55 IL Map provides valuable information for navigation and trip planning, it is always recommended to
supplement it with GPS navigation systems or smartphone apps designed for real-time updates.

4. Are there any tolls along Interstate 55 in Illinois?

Yes, there are a few toll sections along Interstate 55 in Illinois. It is advisable to carry some cash or an
electronic toll pass to conveniently pay the tolls.

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5. Are there any significant attractions near Interstate 55?

Absolutely! Interstate 55 passes near several attractions such as historic Route 66 landmarks, state parks, and
various cultural and recreational sites. These can be explored by taking short detours from the highway.

6. Is the I55 IL Map updated regularly?

Yes, the I55 IL Map is regularly updated to reflect any changes in the road network, including new interchanges,
road constructions, and closures. It is advisable to verify the latest version before embarking on your journey.

7. Can I use the I55 IL Map to plan a road trip?

Absolutely! The I55 IL Map is an excellent tool for planning road trips along Interstate 55 in Illinois. It enables
you to identify interesting stops, rest areas, and attractions along the way, ensuring a memorable journey.

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