Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna

Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna

Key Takeaways

  • Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna provides a detailed representation of the administrative divisions in Indonesia.
  • It helps users understand the hierarchical structure of the country and locate specific regions efficiently.
  • Studying the map can aid in exploring Indonesia’s diverse cultural, geographical, and political landscape.
  • It serves as an essential tool for government authorities, researchers, educators, and tourists.

History of Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, consists of thousands of islands. With such a vast territory, having a
well-defined administrative map is crucial for effective governance and efficient management of resources. Indonezja
Mapa Administracjyjna was initially developed in the early 20th century during the Dutch colonial period.

The Dutch government, which colonized Indonesia at the time, recognized the importance of mapping the archipelago’s
administrative divisions. The map initially served as a tool for better control and resource exploitation. However,
following Indonesia’s independence in 1945, the map’s purpose shifted towards enabling regional autonomy and fostering
development across the diverse nation.

Over the years, Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna has undergone several revisions and updates. The advancements in
cartography and the availability of more accurate data have improved the precision and level of detail in the map. Today,
it stands as a valuable resource that showcases the administrative divisions of Indonesia.

Unique Insights

The Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna provides some unique insights into the administrative structure of Indonesia.
Here are a few notable observations:

  • The country is divided into 34 provinces, each headed by a governor.
  • Provinces are further divided into regencies (kabupaten) or cities (kota), which are led by a regent or a mayor,
  • Regencies and cities are then classified into districts (kecamatan).
  • Each district is further divided into villages (desa or kelurahan), which are the smallest administrative
  • Some provinces in Indonesia have a unique status, such as Special Capital Region, Special Region, or Special
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Table of Relevant Facts about Indonesia

Fact Date
Indonesia declared its independence August 17, 1945
Jakarta became the capital of Indonesia 1949
Indonesia gained full independence from the Netherlands December 27, 1949
Current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, assumed office October 20, 2014
Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world 2021
Bali, a province in Indonesia, is a popular tourist destination Unknown

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the purpose of Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna?

The purpose of Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna is to showcase the administrative divisions of Indonesia, providing a
visual representation of the country’s political structure.

2. How many provinces are there in Indonesia?

Indonesia is divided into 34 provinces, each governed by a governor.

3. Are the provinces in Indonesia equal in terms of size and population?

No, the provinces vary in size and population. Some provinces, like Jakarta, have a higher population density due to
being urban centers, while others, like Papua, have larger land areas with smaller populations.

4. Can I find major cities on the Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna?

Yes, major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, and Yogyakarta are clearly marked on the map.

5. Are there any unique administrative divisions in Indonesia?

Yes, Indonesia has a few unique administrative divisions, such as the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Yogyakarta as a
Special Region, and Aceh as a Special Province.

6. Who primarily uses Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna?

Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna is utilized by government authorities, researchers, educators, and tourists interested
in understanding the administrative structure and divisions of Indonesia.

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7. Is the Indonezja Mapa Administracjyjna available in digital format?

Yes, the map is available both in physical and digital formats. It can be accessed online or obtained in print form.

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