Islington Met B Ward Map 1916

Islington Met B Ward Map 1916

Islington Met B Ward Map 1916

Key Takeaways

  • The Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 provides valuable insights into the composition and layout of Islington during that time.
  • This map showcases important landmarks, streets, and buildings, offering a unique perspective into the historical development of the area.
  • By studying this map, researchers and historians can gain a deeper understanding of how Islington has evolved over the years.


The Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 was created as a detailed representation of Islington, a borough in London, during that period. This map was an essential tool for navigating and understanding the area during the early 20th century.

Islington, situated in North London, has a rich historical background. It originated as a small village, later becoming a thriving metropolitan area. The 1916 map provides valuable insights into the urbanization and development of Islington during that era.

The map displays the layout of streets, parks, and key landmarks. It allows us to identify important buildings and their locations, providing a glimpse into the architectural heritage of Islington.

Studying the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 can reveal how the borough has transformed its infrastructure and land usage over time.

Unique Insights

Examining the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 uncovers several unique insights into the area:

  • The map showcases the presence of significant Victorian and Edwardian architecture that still stands today.
  • It demonstrates the layout of early transportation routes, including tramlines and railway stations, providing a historical perspective of the borough’s connectivity.
  • Landmarks such as churches, schools, and public institutions help us understand the social structure and priorities of Islington at that time.
  • The map reveals how open spaces and parks were strategically placed within the borough to provide recreational areas for residents.
  • By comparing this map with contemporary ones, we can observe the changes in street names and the formation of new roads and developments.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Notable Events
1916 Islington Met B Ward Map was created.
Late 19th century Islington underwent significant urbanization and expansion.
Early 20th century The borough experienced the rise of important civic and cultural institutions.
Present Islington is a vibrant borough known for its diverse communities and lively atmosphere.


  1. How can I access the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916?

    The Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 is available in various archives and historical collections. You can visit local libraries, museums, or search online repositories to find digital or physical copies.

  2. What can I learn from studying this map?

    Studying the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 can provide valuable insights into the historical development of Islington, including changes in infrastructure, landmarks, and social structures. It allows you to visualize the borough during that time and develop a deeper understanding of its past.

  3. Are there any resources for comparing the 1916 map with modern maps?

    Yes, there are several resources available online where you can access both contemporary and modern maps of Islington. By comparing these maps, you can identify changes in street layout, new developments, and the evolution of landmarks over time.

  4. Can I use the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 for research purposes?

    Absolutely! The Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 is an excellent resource for researchers, historians, and urban planners interested in studying the history and development of Islington. Be sure to respect any copyright restrictions and properly cite the map in your research.

  5. How accurate is the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916?

    The map’s accuracy may vary in certain aspects, particularly concerning minor details and changes that may have occurred over time. However, it provides a reasonably accurate representation of Islington in 1916, offering valuable insights into the borough’s layout and composition during that period.

  6. Can I obtain a high-resolution copy of the map?

    High-resolution copies of the Islington Met B Ward Map from 1916 may be available from specific archives or institutions that hold the original document. It is recommended to contact relevant organizations or perform detailed online research to find the best available options.

  7. What other historical maps are available for exploring Islington’s past?

    Islington has a rich history, and there are several other historical maps available for exploring the borough’s past. These maps can showcase different periods, allowing you to compare and understand the various stages of Islington’s development.

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