Jakarta Wikivoyage Map

Jakarta Wikivoyage Map

Jakarta Wikivoyage Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Jakarta Wikivoyage Map offers a comprehensive overview of the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.
  • This interactive map provides users with important information about attractions, hotels, transportation, and more.
  • It is a useful tool for both tourists and locals to navigate and explore Jakarta.


Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia during the Dutch colonial period, has a rich history that dates back to the 4th century. The city has gone through numerous transformations as it served as a trading port and colonial capital.

The Jakarta Wikivoyage Map showcases the historical landmarks and neighborhoods that reflect the city’s diverse heritage. Users can explore how Jakarta has evolved over time and learn about its cultural influences.

Unique Insights

  • The Jakarta Wikivoyage Map highlights the distinct districts within the city, each offering its own unique character and attractions.
  • The user-friendly interface of the map allows users to quickly find popular tourist spots, such as the National Monument, Old Town, and Thousand Islands.
  • In addition to attractions, the map also provides valuable information about public transportation options, including buses, trains, and taxis, making it easier for visitors to navigate the city.
  • Users can contribute to the map by adding reviews, ratings, and photos of their favorite places, creating a collaborative platform for sharing experiences.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1619 The Dutch East India Company establishes Batavia as the capital of the Dutch East Indies.
1942-1945 During World War II, Jakarta is occupied by the Japanese.
1945 Indonesia declares independence from Dutch colonial rule. Jakarta becomes the capital of the newly formed republic.
1970s-1990s Jakarta experiences rapid urbanization and modernization.
1998 Indonesia undergoes a period of political and economic reforms, leading to increased democracy and decentralization.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is the Jakarta Wikivoyage Map available offline?

    No, the map is an online resource and requires an internet connection to access.

  2. Can I contribute to the map by adding my own locations?

    Yes, users have the option to contribute to the map by adding new locations, reviews, and photos.

  3. Are the attractions on the map suitable for families?

    Yes, the map includes a wide range of family-friendly attractions and activities.

  4. Can I search for specific types of cuisine using the map?

    Absolutely, the map provides filters and search options that allow users to find specific types of cuisine or restaurants.

  5. Is the map available in multiple languages?

    Currently, the Jakarta Wikivoyage Map is only available in English.

  6. Does the map provide real-time traffic information?

    No, the map does not provide real-time traffic updates, but it offers information on various transportation options in Jakarta.

  7. Can I use the map to plan my transportation within the city?

    Absolutely, the map provides information about Jakarta’s transportation system, including bus routes, train lines, and taxi stands.

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