Kaimur District Map

Kaimur District Map

Kaimur District Map: A Comprehensive Guide for Explorers

Key Takeaways

  • Kaimur District is located in the state of Bihar, India.
  • The district is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage.
  • The Kaimur District Map provides essential geographical information for travelers and researchers.
  • Exploring the map helps in understanding the district’s topography, landmarks, and attractions.
  • Proper utilization of the Kaimur District Map can enhance travel planning and facilitate better navigation.


The history of Kaimur District is deeply intertwined with the ancient city of Sasaram, which served as the district’s headquarters. Sasaram was the capital of Sher Shah Suri, a prominent ruler during the Afghan-Mughal period.

The district witnessed significant historical events, including battles fought between various rulers and the establishment of Sher Shah Suri’s grand tomb. The map can help travelers locate these historical sites and explore the remnants of the past.

Unique Insights

The Kaimur District Map offers unique insights into the district’s geography. It showcases the majestic Kaimur Range, part of the Vindhya mountain range, which runs through the district. Travelers can witness the beauty of the scenic landscapes, including waterfalls, caves, and dense forests.

The map allows explorers to identify the various rivers flowing through the district, such as the Son River, Karmanasha River, and Durgawati River. These water bodies not only contribute to the natural beauty of the region but also provide essential resources for the local population.

Kaimur District is known for its rich flora and fauna. The map highlights the wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas, providing an opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to plan their visits accordingly. Explorers can also locate the tribal villages and understand the cultural diversity of the district.

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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1545 Construction of Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb
1754 British occupation of the district
1947 Independence of India
1991 Creation of Kaimur District


1. Where is Kaimur District located?

Kaimur District is located in the state of Bihar, India.

2. What is the historical significance of Kaimur District?

Kaimur District has a rich historical heritage, especially with the city of Sasaram and Sher Shah Suri’s tomb, which dates back to the Afghan-Mughal era.

3. What natural features can be found in Kaimur District?

Kaimur District is known for its scenic landscapes, including the Kaimur Range, waterfalls, caves, and rivers like the Son River and Karmanasha River.

4. Are there any wildlife sanctuaries in Kaimur District?

Yes, Kaimur District is home to various wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas, offering a chance to observe the region’s diverse flora and fauna.

5. How can the Kaimur District Map be beneficial for travelers?

The Kaimur District Map provides essential geographical information, enabling travelers to plan their visit, locate attractions, and navigate efficiently within the district.

6. Can the map help in understanding the cultural diversity of Kaimur District?

Yes, the map allows explorers to identify tribal villages, contributing to a better understanding of the cultural diversity within the district.

7. When was Kaimur District established?

Kaimur District was created in 1991.

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