Knox City Shopping Centre 1977 Map

Knox City Shopping Centre 1977 Map

Knox City Shopping Centre 1977 Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Knox City Shopping Centre 1977 Map provides a detailed representation of the shopping center and its surroundings.
  • This map gives us valuable insights into the layout and design of this popular shopping destination during that time.
  • It is a historical document that showcases how the shopping center and its surroundings have evolved over the years.


The Knox City Shopping Centre 1977 Map was created in 1977 as a visual guide for visitors and shoppers. It was designed to showcase the various facilities and amenities available within the shopping center and its immediate vicinity.

During the late 1970s, Knox City Shopping Centre was a popular destination for shoppers in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The map depicted the different sections of the shopping center, including department stores, specialty shops, food courts, and recreational areas.

This map served as a useful resource for visitors looking to navigate the extensive complex, ensuring they could easily find their way to specific stores and attractions. It also gave shoppers a sense of the size and scale of the shopping center, enabling them to plan their shopping trips more efficiently.

Unique Insights

The Knox City Shopping Centre 1977 Map offers several unique insights:

  1. The map reveals the original layout and infrastructure of the shopping center, showcasing the architectural design of the complex during that period.
  2. It shows the location of major department stores at the time, providing a glimpse into the retail landscape of the late 1970s.
  3. The map includes surrounding roads and car parks, offering valuable information for visitors arriving by car.
  4. Recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds are highlighted, suggesting that the developers aimed to create a shopping experience encompassing both retail and leisure.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1954 The land for Knox City Shopping Centre was purchased by the Mason family.
1977 The original Knox City Shopping Centre opened its doors.
1994 An expansion of the shopping center took place, adding more retail space.
1998 Major redevelopment and renovation occurred, modernizing the shopping center.
2018 The shopping center underwent yet another expansion, further increasing its size and offerings.


1. What was the size of the Knox City Shopping Centre in 1977?

The exact size of the shopping center in 1977 is unknown. However, the original layout depicted in the 1977 map suggests a significant complex with numerous stores and facilities.

2. Were there any major department stores in Knox City Shopping Centre in 1977?

Yes, the 1977 map indicates the presence of major department stores within the shopping center. These stores played a crucial role in attracting shoppers to the complex during that time.

3. Did the shopping center undergo any renovations or expansions after 1977?

Yes, the shopping center underwent multiple renovations and expansions over the years. The first significant expansion occurred in 1994, followed by a major redevelopment in 1998. The most recent expansion took place in 2018.

4. How has Knox City Shopping Centre evolved since 1977?

Since 1977, Knox City Shopping Centre has undergone substantial changes. It has expanded in size, modernized its facilities, and adapted to the changing retail landscape to provide an enhanced shopping experience for visitors.

5. Can I still visit Knox City Shopping Centre today?

Yes, Knox City Shopping Centre is still open and remains a popular shopping destination in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

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6. Is the 1977 map available for public viewing?

The availability of the original 1977 map may be limited, but it could potentially be found in local archives or historical collections.

7. Are there any other historical maps available for Knox City Shopping Centre?

There might be other historical maps available for Knox City Shopping Centre that showcase its evolution over time. Local archives and historical societies could potentially have access to such maps.

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