M3 Motorway Great Britain Map

M3 Motorway Great Britain Map

M3 Motorway Great Britain Map

Key Takeaways

  • The M3 is a major motorway in Great Britain, connecting London to the south coast.
  • It is a crucial artery for both commuters and freight transport.
  • The M3 was constructed in various stages over several decades.
  • It passes through beautiful countryside and offers convenient access to many popular destinations.
  • The motorway has undergone significant expansions and improvements to meet increasing traffic demands.


The M3 motorway, also known as the London-Southampton Motorway, is an important roadway in Great Britain. Construction of the M3 commenced in the 1960s, and it was opened in stages between 1971 and 1995. The motorway was designed to provide a direct link between London, the country’s capital, and the southern coast.

The initial section of the M3 connected Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey to Fleet in Hampshire. Over the years, the motorway was extended both northwards and southwards to improve connectivity to various cities and towns. Today, the M3 stretches from Sunbury-on-Thames to Southampton, passing through counties such as Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.

One of the most notable expansions of the M3 was the completion of the 67-mile extension to Southampton in 1995. This extension provided a seamless connection to the busy container port, which significantly enhanced the transportation of goods to and from Great Britain’s southern coast.

Unique Insights

  • The M3 motorway passes through picturesque landscapes, including the beautiful South Downs National Park.
  • It offers easy access to popular tourist destinations like Winchester, Basingstoke, and Southampton.
  • The M3 has been the location for various car commercials and movies due to its scenic route.
  • During the construction of the motorway, several archaeological sites were discovered, providing insights into the region’s history.
  • The M3 plays a significant role during busy holiday seasons as many Londoners use it to head towards the south coast for vacation.
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Table: Relevant Facts

Year Construction Period Section Distance
1971 1968-1971 Sunbury-on-Thames to Fleet 36 miles
1974 1971-1974 Fleet to Basingstoke 11 miles
1995 1986-1995 Basingstoke to Southampton 67 miles


1. What is the importance of the M3 motorway?

The M3 motorway plays a crucial role in connecting London to the southern coast of Great Britain. It provides convenient access to popular destinations and acts as a significant transportation route for both commuters and freight.

2. What are some attractions accessible via the M3?

The M3 offers easy access to various attractions, including Winchester Cathedral, Basingstoke’s shopping centers, and Southampton’s historic maritime district.

3. How long did it take to complete the construction of the M3?

The construction of the M3 spanned several decades, with initial sections being opened in 1971 and the final extension completed in 1995.

4. Are there any natural landscapes to admire along the M3?

Absolutely! The M3 passes through beautiful countryside, including the stunning South Downs National Park, offering travelers picturesque views.

5. Has the M3 been featured in any movies or commercials?

Yes, the scenic route of the M3 has been chosen as a filming location for car commercials and movies due to its visually appealing surroundings.

6. Were there any archaeological findings during the construction?

During the construction of the motorway, several archaeological sites were discovered, contributing to our understanding of the region’s history.

7. How does the M3 contribute to holiday travel?

During busy holiday seasons, many individuals from London use the M3 to head towards the south coast for vacations, making it a crucial route during those times.

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