Map Of Allegheny County Pennsylvania School Districts

Map Of Allegheny County Pennsylvania School Districts

Map Of Allegheny County Pennsylvania School Districts

Key Takeaways

  • Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, has a comprehensive map of its school districts.
  • The map provides important information about the location and boundaries of each school district.
  • It helps residents understand educational resources available within their area.
  • Students and parents can utilize this map for school selection.
  • The map can assist policymakers in identifying areas with specific educational needs.


Allegheny County, located in western Pennsylvania, is home to a diverse range of school districts. The map of
Allegheny County Pennsylvania School Districts was developed to provide a comprehensive overview of the school
district boundaries and their respective locations within the county.

The map was created collaboratively by the Allegheny County government and the Pennsylvania Department of
Education. Its purpose is to assist residents, students, parents, and policymakers in understanding the
geographical distribution of educational resources in the county.

Unique Insights

  • Allegheny County has a total of 43 school districts.
  • The diversity of school districts offers a variety of educational programs suited to the needs of different
  • Urban areas such as Pittsburgh have multiple school districts within a relatively small area.
  • Rural areas have larger school districts that cover a larger geographic area.
  • The boundaries of the school districts are determined based on various factors, including population density,
    community needs, and local governance.
  • The map shows the proximity of each school district to major highways and landmarks, providing valuable
    information for transportation planning.
  • Some school districts have specialized programs, such as vocational schools or magnet schools, which cater
    to specific interests or career paths.
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Relevant Facts

School District Founded Number of Schools Enrollment
Allegheny Valley School District 1956 4 1,300
Baldwin-Whitehall School District 1952 8 4,500
Fox Chapel Area School District 1951 6 5,200
Moon Area School District 1952 4 3,000
Pine-Richland School District 1952 7 5,800

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find which school district I belong to?

To determine your school district, you can use the map by searching for your address or consult the Allegheny
County government or Pennsylvania Department of Education websites.

2. Can I request a transfer to another school district?

Depending on the policies of the specific school districts, transfers may be possible. It is advisable to
contact the respective school districts or educational authorities to inquire about transfer options.

3. Are there any specialized programs available within the school districts?

Yes, some school districts offer specialized programs such as vocational schools, magnet schools, or gifted and
talented programs. These programs provide unique educational opportunities tailored to specific interests or

4. How can the map be useful for parents and students?

The map allows parents and students to visualize the different school districts, their boundaries, and the
proximity to their homes. This information can aid in making informed decisions about school selection and
planning transportation.

5. What resources are available for policymakers using this map?

Policymakers can use this map to identify areas where specific educational needs may exist. It can assist in
directing resources, planning for new schools, or implementing policies to support educational development
within the county.

6. How frequently is the map updated?

The map is regularly updated to reflect any changes in school district boundaries, new schools, or closures. It
is advisable to check the official Allegheny County or Pennsylvania Department of Education websites for the
most up-to-date information.

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7. Can I print a physical copy of the map?

Yes, the map is available for download and print from the official Allegheny County or Pennsylvania Department
of Education websites. Additionally, some local libraries or educational institutions may have physical copies

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