Map Of Argentina With Provinces

Map Of Argentina With Provinces

Key Takeaways – Map Of Argentina With Provinces

  • Argentina is a vast country located in South America.
  • The map of Argentina showcases its provinces and their locations.
  • Understanding the map helps in gaining insights into the country’s geographical diversity.
  • Each province has its own unique characteristics and significance.
  • Exploring the map enables a better understanding of Argentina’s cultural and historical richness.


Argentina, officially known as the Argentine Republic, has a long and fascinating history. The first settlements
in the region can be traced back to more than 11,000 years ago when indigenous tribes such as the Diaguita and
Guarani inhabited the area.

The territory that comprises modern-day Argentina was colonized by the Spanish in the early 16th century. It
gained independence from Spain in 1816 and went through various political and social changes throughout the
19th and 20th centuries.

Today, Argentina is a federal republic composed of 23 provinces. The map of Argentina with provinces allows for a
deeper exploration of the country’s historical background and regional diversity.

Map of Argentina With Provinces

Map of Argentina with Provinces

Unique Insights

  • Argentina’s provinces vary greatly in size and population. For example, Buenos Aires, the capital province,
    is the most populous, while Tierra del Fuego is the least populated.
  • Each province has its own unique cultural identity and traditions, influenced by the indigenous heritage as
    well as the waves of immigration from Europe.
  • The provinces offer diverse landscapes, ranging from the stunning peaks of the Andes in provinces like San
    Juan and Mendoza, to the fertile plains of the Pampas in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe.
  • Exploring the map allows for an understanding of Argentina’s economic activities, such as agriculture in the
    provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe, and mining in provinces like Jujuy and Salta.
  • Argentina’s provinces are known for their natural wonders, including Iguazu Falls in Misiones, Perito Moreno
    Glacier in Santa Cruz, and the Valdes Peninsula in Chubut, among others.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Province Capital City Population Main Economic Activity
Buenos Aires La Plata 15,594,428 Agriculture
Córdoba Córdoba 3,308,876 Agriculture
Santa Fe Santa Fe 3,430,082 Agriculture
Mendoza Mendoza 2,078,175 Agriculture, Wine production
Tucumán San Miguel de Tucumán 1,448,188 Agriculture
Jujuy San Salvador de Jujuy 673,307 Mining

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most populous provinces in Argentina?

The most populous provinces in Argentina are Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Santa Fe.

2. Which province has the lowest population?

Tierra del Fuego is the province with the lowest population in Argentina.

3. What is the main economic activity in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is known for its strong agricultural sector.

4. Where can I find the stunning Iguazu Falls?

Iguazu Falls is located in the province of Misiones.

5. Which province is famous for its wine production?

Mendoza is renowned for its wine production.

6. What are the main economic activities in the province of Jujuy?

The province of Jujuy is known for its mining industry.

7. Are all provinces in Argentina primarily engaged in agriculture?

No, while agriculture is an important economic activity in many provinces, others have diverse industries such as
mining, tourism, and manufacturing.

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