Map Of Cities In The Usa And Canada With Mlb Mls Nba Nfl Or Nhl Teams

Map Of Cities In The Usa And Canada With Mlb Mls Nba Nfl Or Nhl Teams

Key Takeaways:

  • The map showcases the cities in the USA and Canada where MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, or NHL teams are located.
  • This map provides a visual representation of the geographical distribution of major sports teams across North America.
  • It highlights the cities that play host to professional baseball, soccer, basketball, football, and hockey teams.


The history of professional sports in North America dates back to the late 19th century when the first leagues were formed. Over the years, the popularity of sports soared, leading to the establishment of major professional leagues such as MLB (Major League Baseball), MLS (Major League Soccer), NBA (National Basketball Association), NFL (National Football League), and NHL (National Hockey League).

These leagues have teams located in various cities across the USA and Canada. The map of cities in the USA and Canada with MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, or NHL teams allows enthusiasts to visualize the widespread presence of these popular sports across the continent.

Unique Insights

1. Geographical Distribution: The map provides a comprehensive view of the cities and regions that are home to professional sports teams in North America. It shows that major sports franchises are concentrated in big metropolitan areas, with multiple teams often competing in close proximity.

2. Sports Culture: This map highlights the immense sports culture in the USA and Canada. The presence of numerous teams across various leagues reflects the passion and interest people have in sports, making it an integral part of their lifestyle.

3. Economic Impact: The map also underscores the economic significance of professional sports. Major sports teams serve as a catalyst for local economies, attracting tourism, generating employment opportunities, and generating revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and television rights.

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Table of Facts

League City Team
MLB New York City New York Yankees
MLS Toronto Toronto FC
NBA Los Angeles Los Angeles Lakers
NFL Green Bay Green Bay Packers
NHL Montreal Montreal Canadiens


1. Which cities in the USA and Canada have MLB teams?

Some of the cities in the USA and Canada with MLB teams include New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Montreal.

2. Are there any MLS teams outside of the USA?

Yes, MLS also includes Canadian teams such as Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

3. How many NBA teams are located in Canada?

Currently, there is one NBA team located in Canada, which is the Toronto Raptors.

4. Which city has the most NFL teams?

There are several cities with multiple NFL teams, but Green Bay stands out as the smallest city with its team, the Green Bay Packers.

5. What is the oldest NHL team in Canada?

The oldest NHL team in Canada is the Montreal Canadiens, founded in 1909.

6. Are there any cities with teams in all five major leagues?

No, there are no cities in the USA or Canada with teams in all five major leagues (MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL).

7. How many total teams are included in this map?

This map includes a sample of five teams from different leagues, but there are many more teams across the USA and Canada.

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