Map Of Crawford County Ohio With Municipal And Township Labels

Map Of Crawford County Ohio With Municipal And Township Labels

Map Of Crawford County Ohio With Municipal And Township Labels

Key Takeaways

  • Crawford County in Ohio is known for its diverse municipalities and townships.
  • The map provides clear labels for all the municipalities and townships in the county.
  • It is a valuable resource for locals, tourists, and researchers.


Crawford County, located in Ohio, has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1820. The county was named after Colonel William Crawford, an officer in the American Revolutionary War. Over the years, Crawford County has witnessed significant developments in various industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

Unique Insights

  • Crawford County is characterized by its beautiful rural landscapes, with rolling hills and fertile farmlands.
  • The county is home to several small towns and villages, each with its unique charm and history.
  • The map showcases the intricate layout of municipalities and townships within Crawford County.
  • It highlights the connectivity between different areas, making it easier for navigation and understanding the region.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1820 Crawford County was founded.
1833 Galion, one of the largest cities in the county, was incorporated.
1845 Bucyrus, the county seat, was established.
1896 The local railway system reached its peak, facilitating transportation and trade.
1920 The oil boom impacted the local economy, attracting new businesses and residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of this map?

The map of Crawford County with municipal and township labels serves as a visual representation of the county’s administrative divisions. It helps individuals understand the layout of the region and locate specific municipalities and townships.

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2. Where can I access this map?

The map is available both online and in physical form. You can find it on the official website of Crawford County or visit local tourist information centers.

3. Are all the municipalities and townships labeled on the map?

Yes, the map includes labels for all the municipalities and townships within Crawford County. It provides easy visibility and accurate information.

4. Can I use this map for navigation purposes?

While the map primarily serves as a reference tool, it can indeed be used for navigation purposes. However, it is recommended to use GPS and up-to-date digital maps for precise directions.

5. Is this map suitable for educational purposes?

Absolutely! The map is an excellent resource for educational purposes. It allows students to study and analyze the different administrative divisions within Crawford County.

6. Can I obtain a high-resolution copy of the map?

Yes, high-resolution copies of the map are available for purchase. You can contact the Crawford County Administration or check the official website for more information.

7. Is there any additional information available about the history of Crawford County?

Yes, Crawford County has a rich history. You can explore local museums, historical archives, and visit the Crawford County Historical Society for more detailed information.

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