Map Of Doklam En

Map Of Doklam En

Key Takeaways

  • The Map of Doklam En provides an insightful overview of the region’s geographical features, boundaries, and topographical information.
  • Doklam En is an area located in Asia, bordered by Bhutan, China, and India.
  • The map showcases various landmarks, including mountain ranges, rivers, cities, and disputed territories.
  • It offers a comprehensive understanding of the region’s political dynamics and territorial disputes.


The Map of Doklam En has a rich historical significance that dates back several decades. The region has been a center of political tension and territorial disputes between Bhutan, China, and India.

In 2017, Doklam En gained international attention when India and China engaged in a military standoff regarding the construction of a road by China in the Doklam Plateau, a disputed territory between China and Bhutan. The conflict was eventually resolved through diplomatic negotiations.

Unique Insights

Studying the Map of Doklam En provides several unique insights into the region:

  1. The map highlights the strategic importance of Doklam En due to its proximity to the Siliguri Corridor, often called the “Chicken’s Neck,” which is a narrow strip connecting mainland India to the northeastern states.
  2. Doklam En is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including rare plant species like the blue poppy.
  3. The map identifies the presence of the Torsa River, which plays a vital role in the region’s irrigation and hydroelectric power generation.
  4. It showcases the Doklam Plateau, a highly disputed territory, and reflects the geopolitical complexities between Bhutan, China, and India.
  5. The map provides a visual representation of the mountainous terrain in the region, including the Himalayas, which influence weather patterns and impact local ecosystems.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
2017 India-China standoff in Doklam En
2003 Bhutan and China signed an agreement declaring Doklam En as a disputed territory
1984 Border tensions arise between Bhutan and China regarding Doklam En


1. What is the significance of Doklam En?

Doklam En holds great strategic importance due to its proximity to the Siliguri Corridor, a vital route connecting mainland India to the northeastern states. It is also a region of territorial disputes between Bhutan, China, and India.

2. How was the conflict in Doklam En resolved?

The conflict was resolved through diplomatic negotiations between India, China, and Bhutan. The countries engaged in dialogue to address the issue and find a peaceful resolution.

3. Is Doklam En a disputed territory?

Yes, Doklam En is recognized as a disputed territory between Bhutan and China. It has been a subject of border disputes for many years.

4. Are there any natural landmarks in Doklam En?

Yes, Doklam En boasts various natural landmarks, including the Torsa River and the Himalayan mountain range, which are essential components of the region’s topography.

5. What is the unique flora found in Doklam En?

Doklam En is known for its diverse flora, with notable species like the blue poppy, a rare and captivating flower that adds to the region’s natural beauty.

6. How does Doklam En impact local weather patterns?

The mountainous terrain of Doklam En, particularly the presence of the Himalayas, influences local weather patterns by triggering changes in temperature, precipitation, and wind patterns.

7. Can I visit Doklam En as a tourist?

Due to the geopolitical complexities and territorial disputes, visiting Doklam En as a tourist can be challenging. It is advisable to check with relevant authorities before planning a visit.

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