Map Of Finlandfi

Map Of Finlandfi

Map Of Finlandfi

Key Takeaways

  • The Map of Finlandfi provides a detailed overview of the geography and key features of Finland.
  • It offers crucial information about the major cities, regions, water bodies, and transportation networks.
  • The map is a valuable tool for travelers, students, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring Finland.
  • With proper SEO optimization, this article aims to provide an informative and visually appealing description of the Map of Finlandfi.


The Map of Finlandfi has a rich history that dates back to the early days of cartography. Finnish cartographers have been diligently mapping their country for centuries, often utilizing advanced surveying techniques combined with modern technology.

One of the most notable early cartographers of Finland was Abraham Ortelius, a Flemish mapmaker who created the first printed map of the region in 1570. Since then, numerous Finnish cartographers have contributed to the development and refinement of the Map of Finlandfi.

Unique Insights

The Map of Finlandfi reflects the stunning geographical diversity of Finland. From its countless lakes and archipelagos to vast forests and pristine national parks, Finland offers a range of natural wonders to explore. The map allows one to appreciate the country’s distinct shape, which spans over 1,160 kilometers in length and 540 kilometers in width.

Through the Map of Finlandfi, one can also discover the importance of Helsinki, the capital city, which is beautifully situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki serves as a vital transportation hub and offers a wealth of cultural attractions, including museums, markets, and historical landmarks.

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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1570 Abraham Ortelius creates the first printed map of Finland.
1917 Finland declares independence from Russia.
1939 Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union begins.
1955 Finland joins the United Nations.
1995 Finland becomes a member of the European Union.


  1. What information does the Map of Finlandfi provide?

    The Map of Finlandfi provides information about the geography, major cities, regions, water bodies, and transportation networks of Finland.

  2. Is the Map of Finlandfi suitable for travelers?

    Absolutely! The map offers valuable information for travelers, allowing them to plan their routes, explore different regions, and discover points of interest.

  3. Where can I obtain a physical copy of the Map of Finlandfi?

    Physical copies of the map can be obtained from various bookstores, map shops, or online retailers specializing in cartography products.

  4. Are there any interactive versions of the Map of Finlandfi available?

    Yes, there are numerous websites and applications that provide interactive versions of the Map of Finlandfi, allowing users to zoom in, explore specific areas, and access additional information.

  5. Can the Map of Finlandfi be useful for educational purposes?

    Definitely! The map is a valuable resource for students, researchers, and educators studying Finland’s geography, history, and various aspects of its culture.

  6. What sets the Map of Finlandfi apart from other maps?

    The Map of Finlandfi offers detailed and accurate information specific to Finland, allowing users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country’s geography and key features.

  7. How often is the Map of Finlandfi updated?

    The Map of Finlandfi is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and incorporate any relevant changes in Finland’s geography, infrastructure, or administrative divisions.

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