Map Of Lincoln Nebraska Streets And Features

Map Of Lincoln Nebraska Streets And Features

Key Takeaways

  • The Map of Lincoln Nebraska Streets and Features offers a detailed depiction of the city’s geography and landmarks.
  • It showcases the layout of streets, parks, rivers, and other prominent features in Lincoln Nebraska.
  • Understanding and utilizing this map can help navigate through the city efficiently and explore its various attractions.


The Map of Lincoln Nebraska Streets and Features is an essential tool for both visitors and residents of the city. Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska, was founded in 1856. The city’s development and expansion over the years have led to the creation of an intricate network of streets and an array of notable features.

As the population grew and urbanization intensified, the need for an accurate map became crucial. The Map of Lincoln Nebraska Streets and Features was meticulously created to cater to this demand, providing a comprehensive overview of the city’s layout.

Unique Insights

The Map of Lincoln Nebraska Streets and Features offers several unique insights into the city’s geography:

  • The downtown area of Lincoln is characterized by a grid-like street pattern, making it easy to navigate.
  • You can find a variety of parks and green spaces spread throughout the city, providing a refreshing environment for the residents.
  • The convergence of Salt Creek and Antelope Creek is marked on the map, showcasing natural features within the urban landscape.
  • Prominent landmarks such as the State Capitol building, University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, and the Haymarket District are clearly indicated.

Table of Relevant Facts

Date Significant Event
1856 Lincoln, Nebraska founded as the state capital
1867 University of Nebraska-Lincoln established
1907 Construction of the Nebraska State Capitol completed
1926 Completion of the Antelope Creek Flood Control Project
1968 Haymarket Park, a baseball stadium, opened
1979 Lancaster Event Center inaugurated
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How can I locate specific streets and features on the map?

    To locate streets and features on the map, use the street index provided along with the legend. The street index will guide you to the exact location on the map.

  2. Are there any parks in the vicinity of downtown Lincoln?

    Yes, there are several parks near downtown Lincoln. Some notable ones include Antelope Park, Cooper Park, and Tower Square.

  3. Is the university campus marked on the map?

    Yes, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus is clearly indicated on the map. You can easily locate it using the provided legend.

  4. Are rivers and creeks prominently displayed on the map?

    Yes, the map highlights the major rivers in Lincoln, including Salt Creek and Antelope Creek. You will have no trouble finding them.

  5. Does the map contain information about historic landmarks?

    Absolutely! Historic landmarks such as the State Capitol building and Haymarket District are clearly marked on the map, giving you an insight into the city’s rich history.

  6. Can I purchase a physical copy of the map?

    Yes, physical copies of the Map of Lincoln Nebraska Streets and Features are available for purchase at several local bookstores and online retailers.

  7. Are there any digital versions of the map available?

    Yes, the map can also be accessed digitally, allowing users to explore specific areas and zoom in for detailed information.

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