Map Of Molossia Small

Map Of Molossia Small

Key Takeaways

  • The Map of Molossia Small provides a detailed representation of the geography and landmarks of the region.
  • Molossia Small is a small, independent nation located in the western United States.
  • This map showcases the main cities, natural features, and important landmarks within Molossia Small.
  • Exploring this map allows us to gain a better understanding of the region’s geography and attractions.
  • The historical significance of Molossia Small adds another layer of interest to the map.


Molossia Small, also known simply as Molossia, is a micro-nation located in the western United States. The nation was established by Kevin Baugh in 1977 as a childhood project and has since gained recognition and a small following of citizens.

The concept of Molossia was initially imagined as an imaginary world, but it eventually evolved into a physical reality. Inspired by micronations and secessionist movements, Baugh decided to create his own sovereign nation.

Over the years, Molossia Small has developed its unique culture, customs, and even its own currency, the Valora. Despite its small size, with an area of only a few acres, it has managed to establish diplomatic relations with other micronations and participate in global events such as the World Micronations Soccer Tournament.

Exploring the history of Molossia Small enhances our understanding of the map and the symbolic significance of its landmarks.

Unique Insights

1. Geographic Features: The Map of Molossia Small highlights the unique geographic features of the region. It showcases the surrounding mountains, rivers, and valleys, providing insight into the topography of the area.

2. Landmarks: The map also features important landmarks within Molossia Small, including Government House, the Post Office, and the Museum of Modern Molossian Art. These landmarks hold cultural and historical significance for the nation and its citizens.

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3. Administrative Divisions: Despite its small size, Molossia Small is divided into several administrative divisions, each with its own distinct features and attractions. These divisions are represented on the map, allowing visitors to navigate and explore the different areas of the nation.

4. Tourist Destinations: The map highlights various tourist destinations within Molossia Small, such as the Molossia Zoo and the Blue Lake. These locations offer recreational opportunities for visitors and are essential aspects of the nation’s tourism industry.

5. Cultural Heritage: Molossia Small has a rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in the map. Points of interest, such as the Molossia Historical Archives and the Royal Palace, provide insights into the nation’s unique customs and traditions.

Overall, the map provides a comprehensive overview of Molossia Small, allowing both locals and tourists to navigate and appreciate the nation’s geography, landmarks, and cultural heritage.

Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1977 Establishment of Molossia Small by Kevin Baugh
1999 Molossia Small issues its own currency, the Valora
2012 Molossia Small participates in the World Micronations Soccer Tournament
2018 Launch of the Molossia Historical Archives
2020 Opening of the Museum of Modern Molossian Art


1. Is Molossia Small a recognized nation?

Molossia Small is not officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the international community. However, it has established diplomatic relations with other micronations and participates in certain global events.

2. Can anyone visit Molossia Small?

Yes, visitors are allowed to enter Molossia Small by making prior arrangements with the authorities. However, since Molossia Small is privately owned, it is essential to respect the nation’s rules and customs during the visit.

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3. What is the currency of Molossia Small?

Molossia Small has its own currency called the Valora, which is not recognized outside of the nation. Visitors are advised to exchange their currency prior to arrival as Valora is not accepted in mainstream financial systems.

4. Are there any notable landmarks in Molossia Small?

Yes, Molossia Small boasts several notable landmarks, including Government House, the Post Office, the Museum of Modern Molossian Art, and the Molossia Historical Archives. These landmarks hold cultural and historical significance for the nation.

5. Can I become a citizen of Molossia Small?

Yes, Molossia Small allows individuals to apply for citizenship. However, citizenship requirements and processes can be subject to change, so it is recommended to consult the official Molossia Small website for the most up-to-date information.

6. What are the main tourist destinations in Molossia Small?

Popular tourist destinations in Molossia Small include the Molossia Zoo, Blue Lake, and the scenic hiking trails within the surrounding mountains. These attractions offer visitors a chance to explore the natural beauty of the region.

7. Can Molossia Small be considered a fully independent nation?

Molossia Small considers itself an independent nation, complete with its own governance, culture, and customs. However, its independence is not recognized globally, and it does not have formal political recognition from other sovereign states.

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