Map Of West Virginia Highlighting Kanawha County

Map Of West Virginia Highlighting Kanawha County

Map Of West Virginia Highlighting Kanawha County

Key Takeaways

  • Kanawha County is located in the state of West Virginia, United States.
  • The map highlights the geographical location of Kanawha County within West Virginia.
  • Kanawha County is home to the state capital, Charleston, along with several other cities and towns.


Kanawha County, named after the Kanawha River that flows through the region, was formed in 1789. It was originally a part of Virginia but became part of West Virginia when the state was admitted to the Union during the American Civil War.

The county played a significant role in the salt industry during the early 19th century. Salt production was a major economic activity, and the Kanawha Salines were one of the largest salt-producing areas in the United States.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1789 Kanawha County was formed.
1863 West Virginia became a state, and Kanawha County became part of it.
19th century Kanawha County was a major center of salt production.

Unique Insights

  • Kanawha County is known for its diverse geography, including mountains, forests, and rivers, making it a scenic region of West Virginia.
  • The county has a rich cultural heritage, influenced by Native American tribes, early European settlers, and African Americans who arrived during the era of slavery.
  • Charleston, the state capital located in Kanawha County, is a vibrant city with a mix of modern amenities and historical landmarks.


1. What is the population of Kanawha County?

The population of Kanawha County is approximately XYZ.

2. What is the county seat of Kanawha County?

The county seat of Kanawha County is Charleston.

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3. What are some notable cities and towns in Kanawha County?

Aside from Charleston, some notable cities and towns in Kanawha County include South Charleston, Nitro, St. Albans, and Dunbar.

4. What recreational activities are available in Kanawha County?

Kanawha County offers various recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, and camping.

5. Are there any historical attractions in Kanawha County?

Yes, Kanawha County is home to several historical attractions, including the West Virginia State Capitol, the West Virginia State Museum, and the Kanawha State Forest.

6. What is the climate like in Kanawha County?

Kanawha County experiences a temperate climate with mild summers and cool winters.

7. How can I access Kanawha County?

Kanawha County can be accessed by road, with major highways connecting it to other parts of West Virginia. Additionally, the county is served by Yeager Airport, located near Charleston.

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