Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap

Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap

Key Takeaways

  • Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap is a detailed map showcasing the town of Teocaltiche.
  • It provides valuable information such as roads, landmarks, points of interest, and more.
  • The map is designed to help users navigate and explore the area with ease.


The Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap is an invaluable resource that captures the essence of the town of Teocaltiche, Mexico. This map has a rich history dating back several decades, tracing its origins to local cartographers who wanted to create a comprehensive guide for the community.

Initially, paper maps were the primary source of information for navigating Teocaltiche. These traditional maps provided a basic layout of the town, showcasing major roads, landmarks, and important points of interest. However, as technology advanced and more sophisticated mapping techniques became available, the need for digital maps arose.

The Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap was developed using OpenStreetMap, an open-source online mapping platform. The project gained traction and support from local communities, government entities, and volunteers who dedicated their time to collect and update geographical data.

As a result of their hard work and dedication, the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap has evolved into a sophisticated and detailed map that captures the essence of Teocaltiche with precision.

Unique Insights

While many maps only provide basic geographical information, the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap goes above and beyond by incorporating unique insights about the town. These insights include:

  • The location of historical landmarks, such as the iconic Teocaltiche Church and the old municipal palace.
  • Highlighted areas that depict the rich cultural heritage of Teocaltiche, including traditional festivals and celebrations.
  • Navigational details like one-way streets, pedestrian paths, and bike lanes, enabling users to choose the most suitable route for their mode of transportation.
  • Information about local businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other public amenities in Teocaltiche for the convenience of residents and visitors alike.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Significant Event
1900 Teocaltiche becomes an official municipality.
1930 Construction of the Teocaltiche Church is completed.
1960 The population of Teocaltiche reaches 10,000.
2005 Introduction of the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap project.


1. How can I access the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap?

The Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap can be accessed online through various platforms or by downloading the map data from OpenStreetMap’s website.

2. Can I contribute to the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap project?

Absolutely! OpenStreetMap relies on the contribution of volunteers and local communities. You can contribute by adding missing information, updating existing data, or providing feedback about the map.

3. Is the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap available in multiple languages?

While the default language of the map is Spanish, it offers multi-language support. Users can easily switch to their preferred language for a more personalized experience.

4. Are there any additional features on the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap?

Yes, the map provides additional features such as the ability to search for specific addresses, street view imagery, and the option to plan routes and obtain navigation directions.

5. Can I use the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap for commercial purposes?

OpenStreetMap is licensed under the Open Database License, which allows the use, distribution, and modification of the map data for both personal and commercial purposes, as long as attribution is provided.

6. How frequently is the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap updated?

The map data is continually updated by a community of contributors who strive to ensure accuracy and relevance. However, the frequency of updates may vary depending on the availability of local volunteers.

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7. Can I access the Mapa De Teocaltiche Openstreetmap offline?

Yes, you can download the map data and access it offline using various software applications and mobile apps that support OpenStreetMap.

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