Marathon Of Hope Map

Marathon Of Hope Map

Marathon Of Hope Map – A Journey of Inspiration

Key Takeaways

  • The Marathon of Hope was a cross-Canada run by Terry Fox to raise awareness for cancer research.
  • The map showcases Terry Fox’s journey from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • Terry Fox’s marathon inspired millions and continues to be a symbol of courage and determination.
  • The route covered a distance of over 5,000 kilometers.
  • The map highlights the cities, towns, and landmarks Terry Fox passed along his historic run.


The Marathon of Hope, initiated by Terry Fox in 1980, was a remarkable achievement that captured the hearts of
Canadians and people around the world. Terry Fox, a young athlete from British Columbia, embarked on a journey to
run across Canada to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. His goal was to collect $1 from every Canadian,
aiming to raise $24 million.

Terry Fox’s journey began on April 12, 1980, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He ran an average of 42 kilometers
(26 miles) per day, battling pain and fatigue caused by his artificial leg. Terry’s determination and grit pushed
him forward as he made his way through various provinces and territories, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
Quebec, Ontario, and more.

Regrettably, Terry’s run was cut short when his cancer metastasized, forcing him to end his journey in Thunder
Bay, Ontario, on September 1, 1980. His courage and selflessness left an indelible mark, inspiring millions and
helping raise over $23 million for cancer research.

Unique Insights

While the Marathon of Hope Map serves as a visual representation of Terry Fox’s incredible journey, it also
emphasizes the significant impact Terry had on cancer research and the lives of countless individuals. Here are
some unique insights:

  • Terry Fox’s ambitious cross-Canada run lasted 143 days, covering a distance of over 5,000 kilometers.
  • His route passed through major cities such as Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg, creating widespread
  • Terry faced numerous physical challenges as he battled the elements, fatigue, and constant pain from his
    artificial leg.
  • Despite the immense challenges, Terry’s run raised substantial funds for cancer research, leaving a lasting
  • Terry Fox continues to inspire individuals worldwide to overcome obstacles and make a difference in the fight
    against cancer.
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Marathon Of Hope Map – Facts

Date Location Distance Covered (Approx.)
April 12, 1980 St. John’s, Newfoundland 0 km
April 18, 1980 Halifax, Nova Scotia 745 km
June 13, 1980 Montreal, Quebec 3,339 km
August 11, 1980 Thunder Bay, Ontario 5,373 km

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How far did Terry Fox run during the Marathon of Hope?

    Terry Fox ran approximately 5,373 kilometers during the Marathon of Hope from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to
    Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  2. What was Terry Fox’s motivation behind the Marathon of Hope?

    Terry Fox embarked on the Marathon of Hope to raise funds and awareness for cancer research after being
    diagnosed with bone cancer himself.

  3. Did Terry Fox complete his cross-Canada run?

    No, Terry Fox was unable to complete his run as his cancer returned and he was forced to stop in Thunder Bay,

  4. How much money did Terry Fox raise?

    Terry Fox raised over $23 million for cancer research during his Marathon of Hope.

  5. What happened to Terry Fox after the Marathon of Hope?

    Terry Fox unfortunately passed away on June 28, 1981, due to complications from cancer.

  6. Has Terry Fox’s legacy continued?

    Yes, Terry Fox’s legacy has continued through the Terry Fox Foundation, which organizes annual Terry Fox Runs
    in numerous countries to raise funds for cancer research.

  7. What is the impact of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope?

    Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope had a significant impact by raising awareness about cancer and inspiring millions
    to contribute to the fight against the disease. His legacy continues to motivate individuals to overcome
    obstacles and make a difference.

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