Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map

Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map is an essential tool for navigating through the extensive metro network in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • This map provides a comprehensive overview of the existing metro lines, stations, and connections, enabling efficient travel across the city.
  • Ahmedabad Metro Phase I is a significant step towards enhancing public transportation and easing traffic congestion in the city.
  • The map showcases the planned and under-construction metro lines, giving an exciting glimpse into the future expansion of the Ahmedabad Metro network.
  • Whether you are a resident or a tourist, understanding the Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map can greatly simplify your commuting experience in Ahmedabad.


The development of the Ahmedabad Metro began in October 2013, with the aim of providing a modern and efficient public transportation system in the city. The Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I project was divided into two corridors, totaling approximately 40 kilometers in length.

Corridor 1: North-South Line

The first corridor, also known as the North-South Line, stretches from Motera Stadium in the north to APMC in the south. This corridor covers a distance of approximately 18.87 kilometers and consists of 15 elevated stations. The North-South Line was opened for public use on 4th March 2019, significantly improving connectivity in this part of the city.

Corridor 2: East-West Line

The second corridor, known as the East-West Line, spans from Thaltej Gam in the west to Vastral Gam in the east, covering a length of approximately 21.16 kilometers. This corridor comprises 20 elevated stations and was inaugurated on 6th March 2019. The East-West Line provides vital connectivity to various important destinations across Ahmedabad.

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Unique Insights

Understanding the Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map brings forth some unique insights about the metro system and its impact on the city:

  • The Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map reflects the careful planning and execution of a comprehensive transit system, considering the city’s geographical layout and traffic patterns.
  • With the introduction of the metro, there has been a considerable reduction in traffic congestion and pollution, making the city more sustainable and livable.
  • The Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map depicts the integration of the metro with other modes of transport, such as bus depots, railway stations, and major commercial centers, ensuring seamless travel across different parts of Ahmedabad.
  • By studying the map, one can observe the locations of transit-oriented developments (TODs) and understand the potential for economic growth and development around metro stations.
  • The map also hints at the future expansion plans of the Ahmedabad Metro, which will further enhance connectivity and accessibility within the city.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
2013 Commencement of Ahmedabad Metro Phase I project
2019 Opening of North-South Line and East-West Line
2022 (expected) Completion of all Phase I corridors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How many metro corridors are there in Ahmedabad Metro Phase I?

    The Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I consists of two corridors: the North-South Line and the East-West Line.

  2. What is the length of the North-South Line?

    The North-South Line extends for approximately 18.87 kilometers.

  3. How many stations are there on the East-West Line?

    The East-West Line comprises 20 elevated stations.

  4. When did Ahmedabad Metro Phase I become operational?

    The North-South Line and East-West Line of Ahmedabad Metro Phase I were opened for public use in March 2019.

  5. What future expansion plans are in store for the Ahmedabad Metro?

    The Mega Ahmedabad Metro Phase I Network Map reveals that there are plans for further expansion of the metro network in Ahmedabad, although specific details are yet to be announced.

  6. How has the Ahmedabad Metro Phase I benefited the city?

    The Ahmedabad Metro Phase I has significantly reduced traffic congestion and pollution levels in the city, providing a more sustainable mode of transportation.

  7. What are transit-oriented developments (TODs) in the context of the Ahmedabad Metro?

    Transit-oriented developments refer to the planning and design of mixed-use areas around metro stations, promoting walkability and reducing the dependency on private vehicles.

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