Ncaa Division 3 Football Map

Ncaa Division 3 Football Map

NCAA Division 3 Football Map: Exploring the World of College Football

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the world of NCAA Division 3 college football
  • Explore various regions with schools that compete in Division 3
  • Learn about the history and development of the sport
  • Understand the diversity of programs across different regions

History of NCAA Division 3 Football

Origins and Development

NCAA Division 3 football is a level of college football competition within the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is the largest division within the NCAA, consisting of numerous schools across the United States. Division 3 schools are known for their emphasis on a balance between academics and athletics, and a lack of athletic scholarships.

The history of NCAA Division 3 football dates back to the formation of the NCAA in 1906, with the aim of promoting fair competition and a focus on education. Over the years, Division 3 football has seen significant growth and evolved into a highly competitive and respected level of college football.

Structure and Teams

The Division 3 football landscape is divided into various regions, each hosting a number of schools. Some of the notable regions include the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC), American Southwest Conference (ASC), and the University Athletic Association (UAA).

These regions provide opportunities for schools to compete against others within their geographical proximity, fostering spirited rivalries and enhancing local fan support. The competition level varies across regions, with certain conferences consistently producing strong teams while others are still developing.

Unique Insights

1. Highly Competitive Environment: NCAA Division 3 football may lack the nationwide recognition and media coverage of higher divisions, but it showcases a high level of talent and competition on the field. Players at this level possess exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

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2. Diverse Programs: NCAA Division 3 football programs come in diverse shapes and sizes. While some schools have long-standing football traditions and high-profile coaches, others are still building their programs from the ground up.

3. Academic Excellence: Academic success is highly valued in Division 3 football programs. Athletes are expected to excel not only on the field but also in the classroom.

Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1906 Formation of the NCAA
1973 Introduction of Division 3
1982 First NCAA Division 3 Football Championship
2004 Expansion of Division 3 playoffs


1. How many teams compete in NCAA Division 3 football?

There are over 250 teams that compete in NCAA Division 3 football.

2. Are there scholarships available for Division 3 football players?

No, NCAA Division 3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships. However, they may offer academic scholarships and financial aid.

3. Can Division 3 football players move on to play professionally?

While Division 3 football players have a smaller chance of playing professional football, there have been cases of players making it to professional leagues through showcases, tryouts, and other opportunities.

4. How is the NCAA Division 3 Football Championship determined?

The championship is determined through a playoff format, with conferences and at-large teams competing for a chance to win the title.

5. How can I find a Division 3 football game near me?

You can check the schedules of nearby Division 3 schools on their official websites or popular sports websites.

6. Can Division 3 football players transfer to higher divisions?

Yes, Division 3 football players can transfer to Division 2 or Division 1 schools if they meet the transfer requirements and have the necessary skills and talent.

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7. Are there Division 3 football rivalries?

Absolutely! Division 3 football is known for its intense rivalries, both within conferences and across regions.

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