Niyamasabha Constituency Map Kozhikode District

Niyamasabha Constituency Map Kozhikode District

Niyamasabha Constituency Map Kozhikode District

Key Takeaways

  • The Niyamasabha Constituency Map provides an outline of the Kozhikode District’s electoral divisions.
  • It helps voters understand the demarcation of constituencies for elections.
  • The map enhances accessibility by displaying important details like roads, landmarks, and other vital information specific to each constituency.


The Niyamasabha Constituency Map of Kozhikode District is an important tool for electoral processes and governance. Kozhikode District is located in the southwestern state of Kerala, India. The district consists of multiple legislative assembly constituencies, known as Niyamasabha Constituencies, that contribute to the state’s democratic representation.

These Niyamasabha Constituencies are created based on several factors, such as population density, geographical features, and administrative convenience. The map outlines the boundaries and geographic distribution of these constituencies, allowing citizens to understand their respective representatives and participate in electoral activities effectively.

Unique Insights

While exploring the Niyamasabha Constituency Map of Kozhikode District, a few unique insights emerge:

  • The map showcases the diverse geographic and cultural landscape of Kozhikode District, highlighting its hills, rivers, and coastal areas.
  • Each Niyamasabha Constituency represents a distinct set of constituents and their interests. Understanding these boundaries can provide valuable insights into local challenges and opportunities.
  • The map serves as a reminder of the democratic system’s strength and the ability of citizens to shape their governance through electoral processes.

Table of Relevant Facts

Niyamasabha Constituency Established Population Main Town
Azhikode 1965 293,139 Azhikode
Kunnamangalam 1957 268,256 Kunnamangalam
Koyilandy 1957 257,290 Koyilandy
Koduvally 1957 308,233 Koduvally
Beypore 1957 278,661 Beypore

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often are the Niyamasabha Constituency boundaries updated on the map?

    Updates to the Niyamasabha Constituency boundaries are made whenever there are changes due to redistricting or administrative decisions. Typically, this occurs once every ten years after the census data is analyzed.

  2. Can I use the Niyamasabha Constituency Map for academic research purposes?

    Yes, the map is a valuable resource for academic research, especially in fields such as political science, geography, and social studies.

  3. Are there any plans to digitize the Niyamasabha Constituency Map?

    Efforts are underway to digitize the Niyamasabha Constituency Map in order to provide online access to citizens and ensure ease of use in the digital age.

  4. Where can I obtain a physical copy of the Niyamasabha Constituency Map?

    Physical copies of the Niyamasabha Constituency Map can be obtained from the District Collectorate or the concerned District Election Office.

  5. Can the Niyamasabha Constituency Map be shared on social media platforms?

    Yes, the map can be shared on social media platforms as long as it is used responsibly and for informational purposes.

  6. Are there any voting rules specific to the Niyamasabha Constituencies?

    While the overarching rules and regulations for voting in Kerala apply, there may be specific guidelines or instructions for each Niyamasabha Constituency during elections. These guidelines are generally provided by the Election Commission of India.

  7. How can I report any inaccuracies or discrepancies in the Niyamasabha Constituency Map?

    If you come across any inaccuracies or discrepancies in the Niyamasabha Constituency Map, you can report them to the Election Commission of India or the local administration authorities for further action.

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