Ontario 403 Map

Ontario 403 Map

Ontario 403 Map – Exploring the Routes and Landmarks

Key Takeaways

  • Ontario 403 is a major highway connecting various cities and regions in Ontario, Canada.
  • The map provides detailed information about the route, exits, and significant landmarks along Ontario 403.
  • It showcases the convenience and accessibility of traveling through Ontario using this highway.
  • The map is essential for tourists, commuters, and anyone interested in exploring Ontario’s attractions.


Ontario 403 is a vital highway that connects the cities of Woodstock, Brantford, and Hamilton. It plays a crucial role
in improving transportation infrastructure in southwestern Ontario. The development of this highway began in the
early 1960s and expanded over the years to accommodate the growing traffic demands.

Unique Insights

Ontario 403 offers stunning views of Ontario’s picturesque landscapes and is dotted with several notable landmarks.
Here are some unique insights about the map:

  • The map highlights the proximity of Ontario 403 to natural attractions such as the Dundas Valley Conservation
    Area, a beautiful conservation site that offers hiking trails and scenic views.
  • Travelers can easily spot various cultural hotspots along the highway, including the Woodstock Museum and the
    Brantford Arts Block.
  • Ontario 403 passes through the city of Hamilton, known for its vibrant arts scene, historical sites like Dundurn
  • The map highlights essential services like gas stations, rest areas, and eating options along the route for the
    convenience of travelers.

Relevant Facts

Year Event
1963 Construction of Ontario 403 begins.
1969 Ontario 403 opens to traffic between Woodstock and Brantford.
1980 The highway extends from Brantford to Hamilton.
2007 The widening of Ontario 403 to six lanes is completed.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How long is Ontario 403?

    Ontario 403 runs approximately 104 kilometers from Woodstock to Hamilton.

  2. What are the major cities connected by Ontario 403?

    Ontario 403 connects Woodstock, Brantford, and Hamilton.

  3. Are there any tolls along Ontario 403?

    No, there are no tolls on Ontario 403.

  4. Can I find gas stations and rest areas along the route?

    Yes, there are several gas stations and rest areas conveniently located along Ontario 403.

  5. What attractions can I visit near Ontario 403?

    Some attractions near Ontario 403 include the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Woodstock Museum, Brantford Arts
    Block, and Dundurn Castle.

  6. Is Ontario 403 a busy highway?

    Yes, Ontario 403 is a significant route accommodating a significant volume of traffic.

  7. Are there any alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion?

    There are alternative routes through local roads; however, they may not be as efficient as Ontario 403.

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