Patna Metro Map

Patna Metro Map

Key Takeaways

  • Patna Metro Map showcases the network and routes of the metro system in the city of Patna.
  • The map provides convenient navigation for residents and visitors alike, reducing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable transportation.
  • With planned expansions, the Patna Metro is set to transform urban mobility and enhance connectivity within the city.


The Patna Metro project was initiated with the aim of addressing the increasing transportation needs of the rapidly growing city of Patna, Bihar, India. The idea of implementing a metro system was introduced in 2009, and after multiple feasibility studies, the construction of the first phase finally began in 2014.

The first phase of the Patna Metro, covering a distance of approximately 30 kilometers, is currently under construction, with targeted completion by 2024. Once operational, it will connect major areas of the city, including key commercial and residential zones.

Unique Insights

1. Sustainable Transportation: The Patna Metro serves as a sustainable mode of transportation, reducing the reliance on personal vehicles and decreasing carbon emissions.

2. Improved Connectivity: The metro system enhances connectivity within the city, making it easier for residents to access various parts of Patna conveniently.

3. Economic Growth: The development of the metro also promotes economic growth, as it improves access to commercial areas and boosts local businesses.

Table of Facts

Year Significant Event
2009 Introduction of the idea for Patna Metro
2014 Commencement of construction for the first phase of Patna Metro
2024 Expected completion of the first phase of Patna Metro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will the first phase of Patna Metro be completed?

The first phase of the Patna Metro is scheduled to be completed by 2024.

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2. How long is the first phase of the Patna Metro?

The first phase of the Patna Metro will cover a distance of approximately 30 kilometers.

3. Will the Patna Metro be extended in the future?

Yes, there are plans for further expansions of the metro system in Patna to enhance connectivity across the city.

4. How will the Patna Metro benefit the city?

The Patna Metro will provide citizens with a reliable and efficient mode of transportation, reducing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable mobility. It will also contribute to the economic growth of the city.

5. Can I use the same metro ticket for multiple journeys?

No, each metro ticket is valid for a single journey only. Passengers need to buy a new ticket for subsequent trips.

6. Will the Patna Metro have a metro card system?

Yes, the Patna Metro will introduce a metro card system for frequent commuters to make their journeys more convenient.

7. Are there any discounts available for metro tickets?

Yes, the Patna Metro offers discounted fares for students, senior citizens, and other eligible categories. Proof of identification may be required.

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