Perjrvi My Summer Car Map

Perjrvi My Summer Car Map

Perjrvi My Summer Car Map

Key Takeaways

  • Perjrvi is a fictional lake in the popular video game “My Summer Car”.
  • The map offers a detailed and immersive virtual environment for players to explore.
  • It features various locations, including a player’s home, a town, a racetrack, and more.
  • Players can interact with different characters and engage in numerous activities.
  • The map provides an enjoyable and diverse gaming experience for My Summer Car enthusiasts.


The creation of the Perjrvi map was a significant milestone for “My Summer Car” game developers. Released in 2016, the game aimed to provide players with an authentic car building and driving experience in a rural Finnish setting. The inclusion of the Perjrvi map expanded the game’s scope and added further depth to the overall gameplay.

The fictional lake, Perjrvi, surrounded by dense forests, was designed to resemble the serene beauty of the Finnish countryside. The map accurately depicts the rural landscape, complete with cottages, dirt roads, and various landmarks. The attention to detail is remarkable, making the game world feel truly immersive and realistic.

Unique Insights

While exploring the Perjrvi map, players can stumble upon hidden treasures and secrets. For instance, there is a hidden Sauna Advert location where players can find a hidden advert poster. Venturing off the beaten path and exploring the surroundings often leads to exciting discoveries. Additionally, the map contains unique flora and fauna, allowing players to experience the virtual environment’s biodiversity.

Table of Relevant Facts

Date Event
2016 “My Summer Car” game is released.
2016 Perjrvi map is added as an expansion to the game.
2019 Significant updates and improvements made to the Perjrvi map.
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  1. What is “My Summer Car”?

    “My Summer Car” is a popular open-world simulation game that focuses on car building, maintenance, and driving in a rural Finnish setting. Players have the freedom to explore the virtual environment and engage in various activities.

  2. How do I access the Perjrvi map?

    The Perjrvi map is available as an expansion within the “My Summer Car” game. Once you own the game, you can access the map by selecting it from the in-game menu.

  3. What can I do in the Perjrvi map?

    The Perjrvi map offers a wide range of activities and locations to explore. Players can build and repair cars, drive around the map, interact with various characters, go fishing, participate in races, and much more.

  4. Are there any hidden features in the Perjrvi map?

    Yes, the Perjrvi map contains hidden features and secrets. Exploring the map thoroughly might lead to discovering hidden treasures, unique locations, and easter eggs.

  5. Can I customize my car in the Perjrvi map?

    Yes, one of the main aspects of the game is car customization. In the Perjrvi map, players can modify their cars, paint them, and add various parts to enhance their performance.

  6. Is the Perjrvi map based on a real location?

    No, the Perjrvi map is a fictional creation designed to capture the essence of the Finnish countryside.

  7. Can I play the Perjrvi map with friends?

    No, the map is exclusively for single-player use. However, players can share their experiences and achievements with others in online forums and communities.

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