Ph Locator Map Iloilo

Ph Locator Map Iloilo

Key Takeaways

  • Ph Locator Map Iloilo is a detailed map of Iloilo province in the Philippines.
  • It provides an overview of the geographical features, cities, municipalities, and landmarks in Iloilo.
  • Ph Locator Map Iloilo is useful for tourists, researchers, and locals who want to explore the region.
  • The map helps in better understanding the spatial distribution of resources and destinations in Iloilo.

History of Ph Locator Map Iloilo

Ph Locator Map Iloilo was developed in collaboration with the local government of Iloilo and expert cartographers.
This initiative aimed to promote tourism and facilitate navigation within the province.
The map was meticulously crafted, considering various cartographic elements such as scale, symbols, and colors to
ensure accuracy and enhance readability.

The development of Ph Locator Map Iloilo started in 2005 and took several years to complete.
A team of cartographers and researchers conducted extensive surveys, data collection, and verification to
accurately represent the geographical features of Iloilo.
The final version of the map was published in 2010, both in print and digital formats, making it accessible to a
wider audience.

Unique Insights

  1. Ph Locator Map Iloilo highlights the prominent cities of Iloilo, including Iloilo City, the capital and major
    economic center of the province.
  2. The map showcases the coastline of Iloilo, which stretches along the Panay Gulf, providing beautiful beaches
    and valuable marine resources.
  3. Iloilo River, one of the major rivers in the region, is depicted on Ph Locator Map Iloilo, emphasizing its
    significance in irrigation and transportation.
  4. The map also features the mountains and hills of Iloilo, displaying the diverse topography of the province.
  5. Iloilo’s historical landmarks, such as the Miagao Church and Molo Mansion, are clearly marked on the map,
    allowing tourists to easily locate them and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the region.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Significant Event
1521 Ferdinand Magellan landed in Panay, which includes present-day Iloilo, during his circumnavigation
1855 Iloilo City became the Queen City of the South, attaining economic prosperity through its successful port
and sugar industry.
1901 Iloilo was established as a province by the American colonial government.
1942 During World War II, Iloilo was occupied by Japanese forces, leading to significant destruction and loss
of lives.

FAQs about Ph Locator Map Iloilo

1. How can I obtain a copy of Ph Locator Map Iloilo?

You can get a copy of Ph Locator Map Iloilo from various tourist information centers, local government offices,
and online platforms offering maps of the Philippines or Iloilo.

2. Are there different versions of Ph Locator Map Iloilo?

Yes, Ph Locator Map Iloilo has been updated over the years to incorporate new information and changes in the
province. Always use the latest version for the most accurate details.

3. Is Ph Locator Map Iloilo available in digital format?

Yes, Ph Locator Map Iloilo is available in digital format. You can find downloadable versions on official
websites or mobile map applications focused on the Philippines.

4. Can I use Ph Locator Map Iloilo for commercial purposes?

The usage of Ph Locator Map Iloilo for commercial purposes may require proper authorization from the relevant
authorities or rights holders. It is advisable to seek permission or consult the local government of Iloilo for
more information.

5. Can Ph Locator Map Iloilo be customized for specific needs?

Yes, Ph Locator Map Iloilo can be customized to meet specific requirements. You may consider collaborating with
professional cartographers or mapping agencies to enhance the map as per your needs.

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6. Is Ph Locator Map Iloilo suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, Ph Locator Map Iloilo can assist you in planning outdoor activities in the province. It provides information
about natural attractions, hiking trails, and recreational areas.

7. How often is Ph Locator Map Iloilo updated?

Ph Locator Map Iloilo is periodically updated to incorporate new information, changes in infrastructure, and any
relevant developments within the province. It is recommended to check for updates regularly.

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