Trump Organization Properties Worldwide Map

Trump Organization Properties Worldwide Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Trump Organization has properties worldwide, offering luxurious experiences to its clientele.
  • These properties are strategically located in prime destinations across the globe, catering to various needs.
  • From hotels to golf courses, the Trump Organization provides exceptional amenities and services.
  • Each property reflects the elegance, opulence, and unique vision associated with the Trump brand.


The Trump Organization, founded by former President Donald J. Trump, is a renowned conglomerate with properties
throughout the world. This organization has left a significant mark on the global map with its diverse range of
luxurious properties.

Beginning with the iconic Trump Tower in New York City, the Trump Organization expanded its reach, developing
exceptional properties in various countries. Offering a blend of style, sophistication, and unrivaled luxury,
these properties have become sought-after destinations for discerning travelers and investors.

Unique Insights

  • The Trump Organization properties embody the vision and distinct design elements synonymous with the Trump
  • The properties cater to a wide range of clientele, from business travelers seeking comfort and convenience
    to leisure travelers looking for indulgent experiences.
  • The Trump Organization’s properties often boast stunning views, prime locations, and world-class amenities
    such as spas, restaurants, and golf courses.
  • These properties serve as landmarks in their respective cities, contributing to the architectural and
    cultural landscape.

Facts about Trump Organization Properties Worldwide

Year Property Location
1983 Trump Tower New York City, USA
2003 Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, USA
2008 Trump International Hotel Las Vegas Las Vegas, USA
2012 Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Aberdeen, Scotland
2014 Trump National Doral Miami Miami, USA
2015 Trump International Golf Links Doonbeg, Ireland
2016 Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, Canada
2019 Trump Towers Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
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1. What makes Trump Organization properties unique?

Trump Organization properties are renowned for their exceptional design, luxurious amenities, and prime
locations. Each property provides a distinctive experience tailored to the specific needs of its clientele.

2. How many Trump Organization properties are there worldwide?

As of 2021, the Trump Organization has developed and managed numerous properties worldwide, spanning across
different continents.

3. Can I book a stay at a Trump Organization property?

Absolutely! Many of the Trump Organization properties are available for bookings, offering guests a chance to
experience the exquisite luxury associated with the brand.

4. Are all Trump Organization properties exclusively hotels?

No, the Trump Organization has diversified its portfolio, including properties such as golf courses and
residential buildings.

5. Are there any future developments planned for Trump Organization properties?

While specific details may not be readily available, the Trump Organization continues to explore opportunities
for new projects and expansion in various destinations.

6. Is it possible to host events or conferences at Trump Organization properties?

Absolutely! Many Trump Organization properties offer spacious facilities for hosting events, conferences, and

7. Are there any Trump Organization properties in Asia?

While the Trump Organization properties are primarily concentrated in the United States and Europe, there have
been discussions about potential developments in Asia.

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