Washington Topographic Mapfr

Washington Topographic Mapfr

Washington Topographic Map – A Detailed Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Washington Topographic Map is a comprehensive and detailed representation of the terrain in the state of Washington.
  • This map provides valuable information for hikers, geologists, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • It displays the elevation, water bodies, mountains, and other geographical features of Washington.
  • The Washington Topographic Map is an essential tool for navigation and understanding the state’s landscape.


The Washington Topographic Map was created by a team of skilled cartographers and geographers who set out to accurately represent the terrain and topography of the state. The map was meticulously designed using aerial photography, satellite imagery, and ground surveys.

This detailed map covers the entire state of Washington, including its diverse landscape, from the rugged mountain ranges of the Cascade Range to the lush forests of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Washington Topographic Map has undergone several updates and revisions over the years to ensure its accuracy and relevance to both recreational users and professionals.

Unique Insights

The Washington Topographic Map offers unique insights into the state’s geography. Here are some notable features:

  • The Cascade Range: The map highlights the majestic Cascade Range, which runs through Washington from north to south. It includes prominent peaks such as Mount Rainier and Mount Baker.
  • Puget Sound: Puget Sound, a complex system of interconnected waterways and basins, is prominently displayed on the map. It is a significant feature of Washington’s coastal region.
  • The Columbia River: The map showcases the mighty Columbia River, which forms a large part of Washington’s eastern border. It is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Olympic National Park: The map highlights the expansive Olympic National Park, known for its diverse ecosystems, including temperate rainforests, alpine meadows, and scenic coastline.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Fact Date
Washington Territory established 1853
Washington admitted to the Union as the 42nd state November 11, 1889
Olympic National Park established June 29, 1938
Mount St. Helens eruption May 18, 1980


1. How can I use the Washington Topographic Map for hiking?

The Washington Topographic Map is an invaluable tool for hikers. It allows you to identify elevation changes, locate trails, and plan your routes. Make sure to bring a compass or GPS device for accurate navigation.

2. Can the Washington Topographic Map help me in land surveying or urban planning?

Absolutely! The map provides detailed information about the land’s relief, including contours and elevation. It is especially useful for professionals in land surveying, urban planning, and engineering.

3. How often is the Washington Topographic Map updated?

The Washington Topographic Map undergoes regular updates to ensure accuracy. The frequency of updates may vary, but it is typically revised every few years to incorporate new data and changes in the landscape.

4. Can I obtain a printed copy of the Washington Topographic Map?

Yes, printed copies of the Washington Topographic Map are available for purchase from various map retailers, outdoor stores, and online platforms. You can also access digital versions for online use or printing.

5. Are there specific legends or symbols used on the Washington Topographic Map?

Yes, the map includes a legend that provides explanations for various symbols and markings used to represent different features such as contour lines, water bodies, roads, and landmarks.

6. Is the Washington Topographic Map suitable for educational purposes?

Absolutely! The map is widely used in educational settings to teach students about geography, topography, and the natural features of Washington. It offers a visual representation that enhances learning.

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7. Can I access the Washington Topographic Map digitally?

Yes, the Washington Topographic Map is available in digital formats that can be accessed through various mapping applications, GIS systems, and online map repositories. These digital versions offer additional functionalities such as zooming and layering.

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