Administrative Map Of Gujarat With Rto Codes For Vehicle Registration

Administrative Map Of Gujarat With Rto Codes For Vehicle Registration

Administrative Map Of Gujarat With RTO Codes For Vehicle Registration

Key Takeaways

  • Gujarat is divided into 33 districts, each with its unique regional transport office (RTO) code.
  • The RTO codes are essential for vehicle registration and identification purposes.
  • The administrative map of Gujarat provides a visual representation of the districts and their corresponding RTO codes.


The state of Gujarat, located in western India, has a rich historical and cultural background. With its formation in 1960, Gujarat underwent several administrative changes to decentralize governance and improve public services. As part of the administrative structure, the state is divided into 33 districts, each playing a vital role in governance and development.

Unique Insights

The administrative map of Gujarat provides valuable insights into the state’s regional division and transportation infrastructure. By examining this map, we can observe the following unique insights:

  • Each district in Gujarat has its specific RTO code, which is crucial for vehicle registration and tracking.
  • The distribution of districts is designed to ensure effective governance and accessibility to services throughout the state.
  • Gujarat’s administrative map showcases the diverse cultural and geographical features of the region.
  • By understanding the regions and their corresponding RTO codes, individuals can navigate the state’s transportation system more efficiently.

Relevant Facts

District RTO Code
Ahmedabad GJ-1
Vadodara GJ-6
Rajkot GJ-3
Surat GJ-5
Bhavnagar GJ-4
Junagadh GJ-11
Navsari GJ-21
Anand GJ-7
Porbandar GJ-8
Gandhinagar GJ-2


1. What are RTO codes?

RTO codes are unique identifiers assigned to regional transport offices in India. They are used for vehicle registration and identification purposes. Each district or city has its specific RTO code.

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2. How do RTO codes help with vehicle registration?

RTO codes play a crucial role in vehicle registration by indicating the place of origin and providing a systematic identification system. They streamline the registration process and ensure effective tracking of vehicles.

3. How many districts are there in Gujarat?

Gujarat is composed of 33 districts, each contributing to the state’s governance and development.

4. Can I find RTO codes online?

Yes, RTO codes for different regions can be found online on the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.

5. Are RTO codes the same across all states in India?

No, each state in India has its distinct set of RTO codes to differentiate and categorize vehicles based on their origin and registration location.

6. Can I change my vehicle’s RTO code?

Changing the RTO code of a vehicle is a complex process and usually requires approval from the respective RTO. It is advisable to consult with the local RTO office for specific information and procedures.

7. Are RTO codes subject to change?

RTO codes can be subject to change in certain cases. It is recommended to stay updated with the latest information and changes regarding RTO codes through official authorities or trusted sources.

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