Chennai Revenue Divisions Map

Chennai Revenue Divisions Map

Chennai Revenue Divisions Map: An Expert Cartographer’s Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • The Chennai Revenue Divisions Map showcases the administrative divisions of Chennai, providing valuable information for both locals and tourists.
  • This map highlights the boundaries of the various revenue divisions in Chennai, helping individuals understand the division of the city.
  • Understanding the revenue divisions can be beneficial for urban planning, infrastructure development, and efficient governance.


The Chennai Revenue Divisions Map reflects the result of administrative changes in the city over the years. Chennai, formerly known as Madras, has a rich history that dates back to the 1st century AD when it was established by the Pallavas dynasty.

Over time, Chennai experienced various changes in its administrative divisions as it evolved into a major metropolitan city. The revenue divisions were established to streamline the governance system and ensure efficient administration in different parts of the city.

Today, the Chennai Revenue Divisions Map is an essential tool that provides valuable insights into the city’s administrative structure.

Unique Insights:

1. Efficient Governance: The Chennai Revenue Divisions Map plays a vital role in promoting efficient governance by dividing the city into smaller administrative units. This allows for targeted and focused development initiatives.

2. Urban Planning: The revenue divisions help urban planners understand the diverse characteristics of different areas within Chennai. This knowledge aids in strategic city planning, infrastructure development, and resource allocation.

3. Regional Identification: The map helps locals and tourists identify the specific revenue divisions within Chennai, facilitating easy navigation and enhancing their understanding of the city’s layout.

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4. Resource Allocation: Understanding Chennai’s revenue divisions assists government bodies in allocating resources and delivering services effectively. This ensures that the needs of each division are appropriately met.

Table of Relevant Facts:

Year Event
1981 Chennai becomes a Municipal Corporation.
1996 Chennai is declared a Metropolitan area.
2011 Chennai district is divided into two revenue divisions: Chennai North and Chennai South.
2021 The Chennai Revenue Divisions Map is created, providing a detailed view of the administrative divisions in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are revenue divisions?

    Revenue divisions are administrative units that divide a region for efficient governance and administration. In the case of Chennai, revenue divisions help in managing the city’s resources, services, and development initiatives.

  2. How many revenue divisions are there in Chennai?

    As of 2021, Chennai is divided into two revenue divisions: Chennai North and Chennai South. This division helps in better administration and caters to the diverse needs of the city.

  3. Is the Chennai Revenue Divisions Map accessible to the public?

    Yes, the Chennai Revenue Divisions Map is available to the public. It can be accessed online, in government offices, and at various tourism centers within the city.

  4. How can the Chennai Revenue Divisions Map be useful for urban planning?

    The Chennai Revenue Divisions Map provides urban planners with a clear understanding of the layout, demographics, and characteristics of different areas within the city. This information enables them to develop comprehensive and effective urban planning strategies.

  5. Can tourists benefit from the Chennai Revenue Divisions Map?

    Absolutely! The Chennai Revenue Divisions Map assists tourists in identifying the specific regions they wish to explore, thereby enhancing their overall experience and making navigation easier.

  6. What are the advantages of dividing Chennai into revenue divisions?

    Dividing Chennai into revenue divisions promotes efficient governance, allows for targeted development initiatives, encourages urban planning, and facilitates resource allocation and service delivery according to the specific needs of each division.

  7. Can the revenue divisions change in the future?

    Administrative changes are always possible in any city, including Chennai. The revenue divisions may be subject to alteration based on the evolving needs and requirements of the city in the future.

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