Flag Map Of Northern Cyprus

Flag Map Of Northern Cyprus

Flag Map Of Northern Cyprus: A Cartographer’s Guide

Key Takeaways

  • The Flag Map of Northern Cyprus represents the geographical boundaries and shows the flag of Northern Cyprus.
  • This map provides essential information about the political and social aspects of Northern Cyprus.
  • It serves as a useful tool for understanding the unique identity and history of this region.


The Flag Map of Northern Cyprus is a representation of the region located in the eastern Mediterranean. It showcases the boundaries and incorporates the flag of Northern Cyprus. The flag features a red field with a white star and crescent, which is a symbol deeply rooted in the region’s history and culture.

Northern Cyprus is a self-declared state that occupies the northern region of the island of Cyprus. The region’s history is marked by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, leading to the division of the island. The northern part, predominantly inhabited by Turkish Cypriots, declared independence and formed the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

The Flag Map of Northern Cyprus is a testament to the unique political situation in the area. It is recognized as a separate entity by Turkey but is considered a part of the Republic of Cyprus by the international community.

Unique Insights

The Flag Map of Northern Cyprus offers several unique insights:

  • Representation of boundaries: The map clearly outlines the geographical boundaries of Northern Cyprus, allowing users to visualize its territorial extent.
  • Symbolic flag representation: The incorporation of the flag on the map reflects the cultural significance and identity of Northern Cyprus.
  • Political divisions: The map demonstrates the political division of Cyprus into the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
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Table of Facts

Year Event
1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the subsequent division of the island
1983 Declaration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
1990 The UN passes resolutions calling the TRNC’s declaration as legally invalid

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What does the Flag Map of Northern Cyprus represent?

    The map represents the boundaries of Northern Cyprus and showcases the region’s flag.

  • What is the significance of the flag featured on the map?

    The flag symbolizes the cultural identity of Northern Cyprus and represents the Turkish Cypriots living in the region.

  • Is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus internationally recognized?

    No, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized as an independent state by the international community.

  • What led to the division of Cyprus?

    The division of Cyprus was a result of the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974.

  • Is it safe to visit Northern Cyprus?

    While the situation is generally peaceful, it is recommended to check travel advisories before visiting Northern Cyprus due to the ongoing political situation.

  • Are there any ongoing negotiations for the reunification of Cyprus?

    Efforts have been made over the years to reach a settlement and reunify the island, but no final resolution has been achieved so far.

  • Can I visit both the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus on the same trip?

    Yes, it is possible to visit both regions during your trip, but you need to be aware of the border crossings and necessary paperwork.

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