India Karnataka Divisions Map

India Karnataka Divisions Map

Key Takeaways

  • The India Karnataka Divisions Map showcases the administrative divisions within the state of Karnataka, India.
  • It serves as a valuable tool for understanding the geographical and political organization of the state.
  • The map highlights the divisions including regions, districts, and taluks.
  • By studying this map, one can gain insights into the diversity and rich cultural heritage of Karnataka.
  • It aids in planning and decision-making processes for government officials, researchers, and individuals interested in Karnataka.


Karnataka, located in southwest India, has a long and rich history that dates back to ancient times. The state has been influenced by various dynasties and empires, resulting in a diverse cultural landscape. The administrative divisions of Karnataka have evolved over time to meet the changing political and geographical needs of the region.

The modern administrative divisions of Karnataka were established in 1956 when the state was reorganized on a linguistic basis. The divisions initially consisted of only 16 districts, but the number has increased over the years due to population growth and administrative requirements.

Unique Insights

The India Karnataka Divisions Map provides several unique insights into the state. Some of these insights include:

  • Karnataka is divided into 4 regions: Bangalore, Mysore, Belgaum, and Gulbarga.
  • The regions are further divided into districts, with a total of 30 districts in the state.
  • Each district is composed of several taluks, which are administrative sub-divisions.
  • The map showcases the important cities, rivers, and natural features of Karnataka.
  • Karnataka is known for its historical sites, lush forests, and unique geography, all of which are represented on the map.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Relevant Fact
1956 Karnataka’s modern administrative divisions were established.
1973 Special Administrative Training Institute was set up in Mysore to train government officials.
1989 New districts, including Udupi, Ramanagara, and Haveri, were formed.
2007 The creation of new districts continued, with Chikkaballapur and Yadgir being formed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many regions are there in Karnataka?
A: Karnataka is divided into four regions: Bangalore, Mysore, Belgaum, and Gulbarga.
Q: How many districts are there in Karnataka?
A: There are 30 districts in Karnataka.
Q: What are taluks?
A: Taluks are administrative sub-divisions within a district.
Q: Can I obtain a detailed map of each district in Karnataka?
A: Yes, detailed maps of each district in Karnataka are available for further exploration.
Q: What historical sites can be found in Karnataka?
A: Karnataka is home to several historical sites, including Hampi, Mysore Palace, and Pattadakal.
Q: What are some major rivers in Karnataka?
A: The major rivers in Karnataka include the Krishna, Kaveri, Tungabhadra, and Sharavathi.
Q: How can I contribute to the development of Karnataka’s administrative divisions?
A: You can participate in local governance, provide constructive feedback, and support initiatives aimed at development.

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