Karnataka Udupi Locator Map

Karnataka Udupi Locator Map

Karnataka Udupi Locator Map

Key Takeaways

  • The Karnataka Udupi Locator Map provides an overview of the Udupi district in Karnataka, India.
  • The map showcases the geographical features, major cities, and landmarks of the Udupi region.
  • Understanding the layout of the Udupi district can aid in navigation, tourism, and urban planning.


The Udupi district is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Karnataka, India. It came into existence in 1997 when the larger Dakshina Kannada district was divided into Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts. Udupi is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and religious importance.

The region has a long history, dating back to ancient times. It has been influenced by various dynasties and empires such as the Mauryas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Empire, and the Wodeyars of Mysore. Udupi gained prominence as a center of learning and spirituality during the reign of the Madhwa saint, Sri Madhvacharya, who established the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Matha in the 13th century.

The Udupi district has witnessed significant growth and development over the years. It has transformed from a predominantly agrarian economy to one that is more diverse, with flourishing industries and a thriving tourism sector.

Unique Insights

  • Udupi is renowned for its distinct cuisine, especially the Udupi vegetarian dishes that have gained popularity worldwide.
  • The district is home to several beautiful beaches, including Malpe Beach, Kapu Beach, and Kaup Beach, which attract tourists throughout the year.
  • Udupi is known for its numerous temples, with the Udupi Sri Krishna Matha being the most famous one.
  • The Udupi district is an important center for education, with several renowned colleges and institutions located here.
  • The region is also famous for its vibrant festivals, such as the Paryaya Festival and the Makara Sankranti celebrations.
  • Udupi’s landscape is characterized by the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, offering breathtaking natural scenery.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1997 Udupi district is formed as a separate administrative entity.
13th century Udupi Sri Krishna Matha is established by Sri Madhvacharya.
Various dynasties Udupi district has been influenced by the Mauryas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Empire, and the Wodeyars of Mysore.

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