Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607

Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607

Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607

Key Takeaways

  • Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607 provides detailed information about the park’s topography, trails, and attractions.
  • The map helps visitors explore and navigate the diverse volcanic landscape, including ancient lava beds, hot springs, and scenic peaks.
  • It showcases the park’s unique geology, showcasing various volcanic features and historical eruptions.


The Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607 has a rich history that reflects the evolving understanding of the park’s geology and its natural wonders. The map was first created in 2006 and revised in 2007 to incorporate new data and changes in the park’s trail system.

Lassen Volcanic National Park, located in northeastern California, was established as a national park on August 9, 1916. The park is renowned for its volcanic activity, including the eruptions that shaped the landscape in the early 20th century. The map captures the essence of the park, showcasing its unique features and attractions.

Unique Insights

As you explore the Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607, you’ll gain several unique insights into the park’s geological wonders:

  • The map highlights the park’s four main types of volcanoes: plug dome, shield, cinder cone, and composite.
  • It provides information about the park’s hydrothermal areas, including Bumpass Hell, Sulphur Works, and Devils Kitchen.
  • You’ll discover numerous hiking trails, each offering their own scenic views and access to the natural wonders of the park.
  • The map also showcases major lakes, meadows, and camping areas within the park, allowing visitors to plan their trip effectively.

Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1915 Major volcanic eruptions result in the creation of new volcanic features.
1916 Lassen Volcanic National Park is established as a national park.
1989 An earthquake damages the park’s infrastructure but doesn’t impact its natural beauty.
2006 Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607 is created to provide visitors with accurate and up-to-date information.
2007 The map is revised to incorporate changes to the park’s trails and other resources.
2020 Visitors can now access the map digitally through the park’s official website.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I find the Lassen Volcanic National Park Map 200607 online?

    Yes, you can find the digital version of the map on the park’s official website. It allows you to explore and download the map for your convenience.

  2. Are there any guided tours available within the park?

    Yes, Lassen Volcanic National Park offers guided tours led by knowledgeable rangers. These tours provide in-depth information about the park’s geology, flora, and fauna.

  3. Are there any entrance fees to visit the park?

    Yes, Lassen Volcanic National Park has an entrance fee. The fee varies depending on the season and the type of vehicle you are using.

  4. Are pets allowed in the park?

    Pets are allowed in certain areas of the park, but they must be leashed at all times. Make sure to check the park’s guidelines to ensure you comply with their pet policy.

  5. What is the best time to visit the park?

    The best time to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park is during the summer months when the weather is pleasant and most trails are accessible. However, each season offers its own unique experience.

  6. Are there camping facilities available within the park?

    Yes, Lassen Volcanic National Park offers several camping areas. Some are primitive, while others have amenities such as restrooms and picnic tables.

  7. Are there any restrictions on camping within the park?

    Camping within the park is subject to certain regulations. Make sure to obtain the necessary permits and follow the guidelines provided by the park authorities.

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